Australia approves Moderna vaccine for 6-11 seconds

The Moderna COVID-19 vaccine has been approved in Australia as the primary course for children ages 6-11.

Busy At a press conference on February 23Health Minister Greg Hunt said Moderna, along with the Pfizer vaccine approved for children over the age of 5, gives parents “more choice and flexibility.”

Vaccine Provisional approval On February 17th, TGA will be able to manage from February 24th, following the announcement of ATAGI the day before.

Moderna’s vaccination sites will be available in 4,000 locations nationwide starting February 24, and an additional 1,600 clinics and pharmacies will be added to this number once the training package is completed.

Like the Pfizer vaccine, Vaccine dose It is recommended to administer half the dose to adults and at 8-week intervals between the two initial doses, but for children at risk of moderate or severe COVID-19 symptoms. It can be shortened to 4 weeks.

News comes in a timely manner as Minister of Health Announced on February 22 The federal government is moving to launch mass vaccines for children through schools to promote COVID-19 vaccine intake in states and territories.

TGA considers Nuvavax for boosters and children

The news about Moderna’s approval, according to TGA deputy secretary John Skerritt, said the organization is discussing with Novavax leaders to see if the vaccine can be provided to boosters for children and adults.

TGA is still waiting for data from Novavax. Regarding future development, it is expected that we will respond after March.

The news is far beyond government expectations, with 12,000 Novavax protein vaccines deployed to Australians over the age of 18 from February 14th.

“We see some people moving forward with Nuvavax who for some reason previously chose not to be vaccinated, and that’s encouraging,” Skerritt said.

In addition, TGA is investigating the Australian protein vaccine COVAX-19. Approved for use in Iran.

“There are also vaccines from several international companies that we expect to submit. And, of course, we continue to review many treatments.”

TGA considers additional shots

When asked if four shots were being considered as a definition of “complete vaccination,” Skerritt said it was still under consideration as the flu season came as the country wintered.

“Because of the mask, and perhaps isolated from the rest of the world, the number of flu is quite low and it won’t last forever,” he said.

The TGA is investigating the potential effects of influenza and COVID-19 as the winter season approaches, “whether vulnerable populations require a fourth dose, especially November 2021 and December 2021. May, or if added in January 2022. “

Skerritt said the fourth dose had “many positive thoughts and plans” and the TGA “must take a clear position” by March and April.

As of February 23, 49.4% of children were initially vaccinated and 62.1% of eligible Australians were boosted.

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