Australia buys Pfizer vaccine 20 million more times

The Australian Government has secured an additional 20 million doses of Pfizer vaccine to avoid dependence on the AstraZeneca vaccine after the discovery of rare but serious side effects of blood clotting.

The announcement came after Prime Minister Scott Morrison called for an emergency press conference Thursday night to provide new health advice to Australians under the age of 50 regarding the receipt of AstraZeneca jabs.

The additional doses expected to arrive in the fourth quarter of this year mean that Australia will receive a total of 40 million Pfizer doses.

“Safety remains a top priority as the pandemic continues, and we continue to follow the best medical advice to protect Australians,” Morrison wrote. Position On Facebook.

The switch from the AstraZeneca vaccine will occur after the European Medicines Agency has discovered that there is a “potential link” between the vaccine and a very rare but serious blood clot.

Labeled vial "AstraZeneca COVID-19 Coronavirus Vaccine" You can see the syringe in front of the AstraZeneca logo shown in this illustrated photo
Vial of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine. (Daddle Bitch / Illustration / Reuters)

Australian drug regulators held an emergency meeting following the findings and concluded that AstraZeneca was not suitable for people under the age of 50.

Morrison said the new advice for AstraZeneca is not to instruct people not to vaccinate, but to advise people to consult with the GP and make decisions.

The changed advice could delay the original plan to vaccinate everyone by October of this year.

Australia initially planned to produce about 50 million doses of AstraZeneca locally, but now it has to rely on imported vaccines.

Former Australian Chief Medical Officer Professor Brendon Murphy warned that all vaccines could be adversely affected, including the Pfizer vaccine, which is at risk for anaphylaxis.

Queensland Prime Minister Anastasia Parashek Said Vaccine deployment in the state was still a “normal business” despite changes in advice. Janet Young, Queensland’s Chief Health Officer, said both vaccines are effective and that people under the age of 50 can opt for AstraZeneca if they wish.

NSW Premier Gladys Beregi Crian Announcement After AstraZeneca was suspended for several hours, the state resumed control of AstraZeneca.

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt said most of the deployment programs have remained largely unchanged, as the current stage of vaccination revolves around immunization of the elderly and front-line healthcare professionals.

Hunt emphasized that Australia has less community communication than other countries and is in a different position than the rest of the world.

“Thanks to that medical advice, we are in a very different place from the world. [to close borders], “He Said Sky News Australia. “It was a difficult decision [to advise against AstraZeneca], We didn’t hesitate to take it. “

AstraZeneca said it respects the Australian Government’s decision to change its vaccine advice.

“Overall, regulators have reaffirmed that the vaccine provides a high level of protection for all severity of COVID-19 and that these benefits far outweigh the risks.” Said In the statement.