Australia condemns Iran crackdown


Australia has accused Iranian authorities of “deadly and disproportionate use of force” against protesters who flooded streets across the country after Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old woman, was arrested for being held by Iran’s moral police. . Her hijab is wrong.

Women in Iran are required to wear hijab from the age of 9 after the Iranian government enacted a law in 1983. report RFERL. However, the rule is a controversial one and has been consistently opposed to his 43-year rule of the Islamic regime.

Foreign Minister Penny Wong and Women’s Minister Katie Gallagher said: “The tough measures taken by the Iranian authorities to crack down on the ongoing protests have killed dozens, including teenagers, and left many more dead.” “We are alarmed by reports of injuries,” he said. a media statement September 27th.

“Australia supports the right of the Iranian people to protest peacefully and urges the Iranian authorities to exercise restraint in response to the ongoing demonstrations.”

Ministers said Australia supports calls for a speedy and impartial investigation into Amini’s death by an independent body. A call for an investigation, led by the Acting United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, is said to provide an avenue for her family to access the truth about her death and hold those responsible accountable.

Amini died in police custody in Tehran on September 16. Remarks in United Nations media releases Amini collapsed after being detained for three days.

“Some reports suggest that Amini’s death was the result of torture and ill-treatment,” the United Nations said. press release September 22nd.

However, Iranian officials say Amini died of a heart attack.

Shortly after news of Amini’s death broke, photos of her lying in a coma in a Tehran hospital appeared on social media, and since then, for the past 11 days, Iranian security forces have taken to the streets to demand that they be released. angered Iranians across the country. She was held responsible for her death.

Currently, the human rights group Iran Human Rights claim Iranian security forces have killed 76 protesters, with live ammunition being used against them. and threatened with legal liability if they made the death public.

Iranian officials put the death toll at 41 and said the figure included security personnel. report BBC on 28 September.

Canada and US Move to Sanction Iran Security Forces

The statement by the Australian government follows announcements by the United States and Canada to impose sanctions on those involved in Amini’s death, including Iran’s morality police.

“We have seen Iran’s disregard for human rights time and time again. Now we are witnessing it with the death of Masa Amini and the crackdown on protests,” Justin of Canada Prime Minister Trudeau said.

“Today, we are announcing the implementation of sanctions against dozens of individuals and entities, including Iran’s so-called moral police.”

Meanwhile, the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control has sanctioned leaders of the Iranian Department of Information and Security, the Army Ground Forces, the Basij Resistance Force, and other law enforcement agencies, denying them access to their property and banks. announced a refusal. Accounts held in the United States.

“These officials have been accused of using violence routinely to suppress peaceful protesters and members of Iran’s civil society, political dissidents, women’s rights activists, and members of Iran’s Baha’i community. are overseeing,” the Finance Ministry said.

Victoria Kelly-Clark


Victoria Kelly-Clark is an Australia-based reporter focusing on the national politics and geopolitical environment in the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East and Central Asia.