Australia halves arrival to stop spread of delta mutants in vaccine turmoil

Sydney-Reuters / Lauren Elliott / File Photo / Reuters / Lauren Elliott / File Photo

Sydney-Reuters / Lauren Elliott / File Photo / Reuters / Lauren Elliott / File Photo

Australia halves international arrivals as a coronavirus hotel Quarantine system squeak under pressure Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Friday from the outbreak of the highly contagious delta mutation.

New restrictions on travel as Australia fights the outbreak of delta variants Simultaneously in three state capitalsThat is, almost half of Australians are now under strict orders to stay home. Recent outbreaks have been tracked to be due to leaks at quarantine hotels.

Australia closed its border early Last year mainly to non-citizens.. Permanent residents and travelers returning to Australia, with the exception of those leaving New Zealand, are required to quarantine at the hotel for two weeks at their own expense.

Morrison said Australia currently only accepts about 3,000 international travelers a week. The cap reduction is expected to be completed by July 14, but some states can move faster, he said.

Scott Morrison-Lucascoch / AAP image via AP) / Lucascoch / AAP image via AP)

Scott Morrison-Lucascoch / AAP image via AP) / Lucascoch / AAP image via AP)

Morrison also said that after a meeting of the country’s domestic cabinet, a four-step plan to reopen Australia after the blockade caused by the recent outbreak was agreed. He said this was based on achieving vaccination levels aimed at suppressing Covid-19 to a stage where it was controlled like other infectious diseases such as influenza.

“The transition from pre-vaccination to post-vaccination requires a change in our way of thinking about managing Covid-19. This is a deal for Australians,” Morrison told reporters.

He said the four-step approach could give more freedom to fully vaccinated people, including shortening the quarantine period after arriving abroad.

Sydney, the capital of New South Wales (NSW), Australia’s largest city and home to one-fifth of the country’s 25 million population, is in the process of a two-week blockade imposed to contain the Delta Variant.

City officials warned residents on Friday to prepare for the increase in Covid-19 infections over the next few days, as they reported the largest daily increase in locally acquired cases recorded so far this year.

Cases in 31 regions were reported in New South Wales on Friday. This is the largest increase per day in recent outbreaks and 2021 cases. Since the first case was detected more than two weeks ago, the total number of infections has exceeded 200.

“We anticipate an increase in infectious diseases.”

New South Wales Prime Minister Gladys Berejikrian told reporters, “We expect numbers to increase in the coming days. Early next week, the effects of the blockade will actually change and have a positive impact. I expect to give. “

Queensland officials said the blockade rules would be relaxed in parts of Queensland from Friday, although the blockade rules were extended by another day in the capital city of Brisbane and the surrounding area after three new incidents were reported. Stated.

Bondi Beach-Joel Carrett / AAP Image / AP

Bondi Beach-Joel Carrett / AAP Image / AP

The blockade in Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territory, will also be lifted on Friday. The restrictions in Perth will be reviewed that day.

Blockades, rapid contact tracing, and strict social distance rules helped Australia curb previous outbreaks, while rapidly changing Delta strains have been slow to nationwide vaccination. Surprised the authorities.

The confusion and frustration of the AstraZeneca vaccine’s frequent changes in medical advice has become a flash point in the relationship between federal and state leaders.

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