Australia is moving towards mandatory vaccination for senior care workers

The Government of Australia, together with the Governments of the State and Territory, has agreed to a “principle disposition” for mandatory vaccination against the CCP virus for elderly care and support workers.

“Mandatory vaccinations for older care workers must be done by state-level public health orders,” said Scott Morrison. Told reporters After the National Ministerial Meeting on Friday.

“Ultimately, it’s a state-territory decision, but it’s strongly supported by the states and territories that there is an agreement and we need to consider how to do this safely. I assure you that I was firmly convinced of this view, “he said.

The prime minister urged elderly care and disability support workers to “go for their vaccinations” at one of the “many bases” in the area.

Vaccination of elderly caregiver residents and frontline workers is a top priority for the government, and despite the unpredictable deployment of vaccinations, they are vaccinated. I got access first.

“That’s why, through both the federal and state and territory governments, vaccination at many locations available to workers is a priority,” he said.

“This includes prioritizing bookings through fast lanes, green lanes, priority lanes, and GP programs set up by states and territories.”

In May, a Queensland nurses’ union reported the results of an internal investigation that some nurses were required to be vaccinated due to shorter trial periods and more unknowns than standard vaccines. It became clear that he was very hesitant.

But the prime minister said the “principle disposition” meant that both the federal, state and quasi-state governments would participate in mandatory vaccination of elderly care and disability support workers. Was.

“We’re very into this. Don’t get me wrong,” Morrison said.

“We are heavily committed to this, as government leaders, and as Prime Minister myself, and are working towards mandatory vaccination of older care workers.”

Morrison has ordered AHPPC to advise the National Cabinet on the safest way to achieve mandatory vaccinations for older care workers. The National Cabinet is a special cabinet of prime ministers and prime ministers of all states and territories, chaired by the prime minister. It was last convened during World War II and reformed during the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus pandemic.

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