Australia looks to boost aid to Ukraine after Russian bombing


The Australian government has suggested it may send troops to Europe as part of increased military aid to Ukraine as Ukraine continues to oppose a Russian military aggression.

Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Richard Marles told Sky News Australia on Oct. 11 that the government is looking at what more it can do to help Ukraine and is sending troops to Europe to train Ukrainians. said it could be done.

“We are having discussions with Ukraine about how we can best help them in the long term,” Mares said. “The aim of the countries supporting Ukraine is to enable Ukraine to resolve this conflict on its own, because Russia’s provocative attack on Ukraine is not a permissible proposition. It means that we need to be with Ukraine for the rest of our lives.”

The deputy prime minister said the government was considering providing training resources to Ukraine, but also said the government was looking for the ones that would have the most impact in the long term.

“Obviously we have to figure out what we can do, but we have to think about what we can do in a way that is most cost effective and actually helps Ukraine in the long run,” he said. rice field.

Russia launches biggest bombing campaign since conflict began

The consideration of providing additional military resources to Ukraine comes as Russia launched its largest bombing campaign since the conflict began on Tuesday, with bombs hitting Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkov and other regions.

Marls is condemned At a press conference on October 11, he called it a horrific act by Russia.

“What is really clear is that these strikes were carried out with complete indifference to the civilian population. They are directed against populated areas in Kyiv and other parts of Ukraine,” he said. rice field.

“I was with the Ukrainian ambassador yesterday when the news broke about these strikes and the pain in my chest was palpable. We need to be able to stand with Ukraine in the long run so that Ukraine is in a position to resolve this issue, competing on its own terms. .”

Australian aid to Ukraine continues to grow

Australia has provided one of the largest contributors to the non-NATO member state of Ukraine’s war effort.

Currently Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade situation Australia’s military aid to Ukraine now totals $388 million (US$243 million). This included 60 Bushmasters and 28 of her M113AS4 armored vehicles.Ukrainians are admired Bushmaster calls them great assets in this area.

In addition, Australia provided $65 million in humanitarian aid, $32.6 million in coal supplies to support Ukraine’s energy security, $8.7 million in support of Ukrainian border guards, and the construction of border control facilities. We are upgrading, improving cybersecurity and enhancing border operations.

In addition, $1.68 million has been provided for radiation detection/protection equipment through the International Atomic Energy Agency to ensure the safe and reliable operation of nuclear facilities, and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons to help protect against chemical weapons attacks. was provided with $200,000.

The Australian government has also granted duty-free access to Ukrainian imports into Australia and prioritized visa applications from Ukrainian citizens, with 8,500 visas granted to Ukrainians since 23 February.

Victoria Kelly-Clark


Victoria Kelly-Clark is an Australia-based reporter focusing on the national politics and geopolitical environment in the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East and Central Asia.