Australia needs more than 110,000 elderly care workers within the next decade for quality care: Study


According to one study, Australia’s elderly care sector will face a shortage of at least 110,000 direct workers within the next decade if appropriate measures are not taken to hire more workers. There is a possibility.

According to a study by the Australian Economic Development Commission (CEDA), if this challenge is not addressed, the shortage could grow to 400,000 by 2050.

“In the next decade, we will need at least 17,000 direct elderly care workers each year just to meet basic standard treatments,” said CEDA Chief Economist. Jarodball saidHe added that it was a conservative assumption.

Direct elderly care workers include personal care assistants, nurses, and associated medical staff.

By 2031, nearly 20 percent of Australia’s population is projected to grow from the current 16 percent to over 65. Therefore, the demand for elderly care workers will continue to grow.

“This requires a massive commitment from the federal government that we’ve never seen before,” Ball said. “We are not approaching the growth of workers needed to meet demand. The federal government must promise to increase funding to the sector to meet labor challenges. Hmm.”

The latest federal budget included a $ 17.7 billion (US $ 12.9 billion) geriatric care package. This is the most important investment in this sector in Australian history. Still, Ball believes that the allotted amount is not enough to solve the problem.

The report points out that Australia spends around the OECD average on elderly care, but the quality of care does not meet the same standards as countries like Japan and the Netherlands.

CEDA has made several recommendations, including attracting quality migrant workers, providing better wages and working conditions, and a better knowledge sharing system.

“Migration is not a panacea, but it is unlikely that Australia will approach meeting the needs of the workforce without it,” the report said, with more than 30% of Australia’s elderly care workforce being immigrants. I said there is.

“The industry strengthens its workforce by hiring people who have moved primarily to Australia to work in elderly care, rather than hiring immigrants who arrived with the intention of working in elderly care. I’ve been relying on immigrants to do that, “he said.

The report should focus on actively hiring experienced and qualified migrant workers rather than workers entering the field “just because they need work”. Suggested.

Rebecca Chu