Australia Post Uber Adds Fuel Surcharges According to Record Gasoline Prices

Australia’s record high fuel costs have forced Uber and Australia Post to impose fuel surcharges on their services, pushing up resident living costs.

Uber Australia announced on Friday that temporary fuel surcharges will be rolled out across Australia, based on driver and partner feedback.

“Our platform’s revenue remains high compared to historical trends, but we’ve heard from driver partner feedback that the recent surge in gasoline prices has had an impact,” said Emma, ​​head of driver operations. Foley Said in a statement..

Riders will be charged based on kilometers and will be passed entirely to the driver. Uber Australia estimates that drivers will be able to earn about 50 cents on average trips over the next 60 days.

“The goal of this is to make the Uber platform work well for everyone, while reducing the burden of the unprecedented nature of recent fuel increases,” Foley added.

Australian mail is also imposed on a regular basis fuel surchargeUpdate on a monthly basis based on the national average price of gasoline 3 months ago.

April fuel surcharges rose to 3.1%, based on January prices. That is, the latest surge in fuel exceeding $ 2 per liter (US $ 5.50 per gallon) is not included in the calculation.

“Fuel surcharges may rise, fall, hold, or not apply, depending on fuel price movements, as changes in fuel prices affect the transportation industry,” said Australia Post.

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After emptying the mailbox outside Sydney’s Australian Post Office on June 26, 2015, workers carry a bag of letters. (Peter Parks via Getty Images / AFP)

According to every week NRMA Fuel Report In Sydney, we found that the average lead-free price for the week to March 13 increased by 35 cents per liter (98 cents per gallon).

However, NRMA spokesman Peter Khoury said global oil prices have fallen sharply in the last few days, and if this trend continues, drivers will be reassured by pumps.

“Therefore, if these depressions persist, or even worse, it usually takes about 7-10 days for those savings to be passed on to people,” he says. Said Nine today show.

As transportation and logistics costs across the country skyrocket, price increases are pervading other industries.

Fruit and vegetable company SPC also announced that consumers will soon see prices of their own branded products such as canned baked beans and spaghetti rise by 10-20%.

SPC Chairman Hussein Refai said the “double pain” of the two-year pandemic and the war in Ukraine had a major impact on the food industry and supply chain around the world.

“Therefore, unfortunately, these costs need to be passed on to supply chain partners such as retailers and consumers,” says Rifai. Said ABC radio.

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