Australia, rape suspect admitted to hospital under “pressure”

Brittany Higgins

Female advocates praised her courage to speak out about her alleged rape.

An Australian woman who raised her voice about alleged rape in Congress triggered a national #MeToo protest. She is being treated in a hospital for her mental health.

26-year-old Brittany Higgins was hospitalized last Thursday.

David Schallers told reporters that recovery will take time after “months of relentless political pressure.”

Mr. Higgins’ case caused anger at the culture of sexism and misogyny in Australian politics.

Since speaking out in February, she has called for parliamentary cultural reforms and urged other Australian women to report allegations of sexual assault.

In March Tens of thousands of people across the country participating in protests against sexual abuse And discrimination against women.

Many members of Congress and State Legislature have been accused of sexual assault and misconduct this year, including Government Minister Christian Porter, who has strongly denied allegations of raping a girl as a teenager. Is also included.

Mr Porter withdrew his charges against the Australian Broadcasting Corporation on Tuesday.

Despite political pressure Prime Minister Scott Morrison refused to investigate allegations against Mr PorterAfter the police ruled out the criminal investigation, because the suspect died.

Morrison has also been widely criticized for the government’s response to Higgins’ allegations, two former ministerial officials.

Higgins claims to have been raped by a colleague in his boss’s office in 2019.

Mr. Higgins in the picture with Prime Minister Scott Morrison during the party's fundraising activities

Higgins in 2018 with Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Reynolds later apologized to Higgins, who called her a “liar cow” after the report was revealed. About the allegations she made about workplace support.

Morrison was also under pressure to explain why he was unaware of Higgins’ alleged rape, but some of his ministers knew it.

Australia’s #MeToo Calculation Details:

Police have launched a criminal investigation into her case. Her allegations also triggered individual investigations into what parliamentary culture is about women, the HR process, and the accountability of various ministers.

Her partner, Sharaz, told that Higgins was particularly distressed last week after Morrison’s office submitted a report to Congress denying interference with her proceedings. ..

It denied Mr. Higgins’ accusations that the Prime Minister’s staff leaked information to the media in an attempt to discredit her and her partner.

“The last sit-in of the two weeks was particularly difficult,” Sharaz told

Higgins had a private meeting with the Prime Minister in April, but she later described it as “difficult.”

She once accused him of using words that blame the victim. When talking about her case and so on.

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