Australia reforms visa policy to better refer foreign workers


The Australian Government has made it easier for foreign workers to enter the country to make up for the labor shortage in the agriculture and hospitality industries.

“The Morrison Government today announced the Pacific Labor Scheme (PLS) and the Seasonal Workers Program (SWP), the first phase of reform of Australia’s labor migration program, which facilitates access to the program. Protect your workers’ welfare and get better encounters. Read “Labor Needs in the Australian Region”. Joint statement September 14, by Foreign Minister Marise Payne, Employment Minister Stuart Robert, Minister of International Development and Pacific Zed Seselja.

“The highlight of today’s reforms is a single streamlined application process for both PLS and SWP, which is more flexible and less bureaucratic formalism.”

Since the reintroduction of PLS ​​and SWP in September 2020, more than 10,600 Pacific and East Timor workers have arrived in Australia. Australia has been the “lifeline of many local businesses” by supporting meat processing and crop harvesting.

“The changes announced today uphold the Australian Government’s commitment to bring an additional 12,500 workers to Australia by March next year, with 27,000 workers already in the ready pool. “

NS New website The name “The Pacific Australia Labor Mobility (PALM)” was founded to allow employers to participate in two programs in one application.

Part of the new policy is to allow more locations to hire PLS workers throughout Australia’s territories, and to allow hotels and resorts to hire SWP workers during peak seasons across Australia’s territories and territories. To make sure, PLS workers who have spent three years in Australia remove the 45-year-old upper limit for PLS workers for another 12 months. More measures will be announced later this year.

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The wheat field is drawn on July 9, 2020. (Cyrillic Kudryavtsev / Getty Images)

Australian farmers are projected to reach record $ 73 billion ($ 53.5 billion) during this harvest season due to higher prices and higher production. However, it faces about 30,000 foreign workers who have been approved for entry into Australia before the harvest season, including 7,000 who have been fully vaccinated. Locked out Due to state COVID-19 limits and hotel quarantine limits.

In New South Wales, farmers are recruiting retired Army officers, Qantas pilots and college students to fill the second-largest wheat labor shortage in 10 years.

“It’s desperate,” said James Jackson, chairman of the NSW Farmers Association. Sydney Morning Herald.. “People will certainly have elementary school students driving tractors with chaser bins and stuff.” “We have an 80-year-old driving truck.”

Industry groups such as AgForce, AusVeg, and the National Farmers Federation are calling on state governments to take more flexible quarantine measures, such as in homes and farms for foreign workers. They warned that a casual labor shortage during the peak season could reach 11,000 workers early next year if the borders were still closed at that time.

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