Australia Sends Cash to Great Barrier Reef Protection

Reuters video

Australia will provide more funding to protect GBR

The additional funding used over the next nine years will be added to the existing A $ 2 billion package designed to protect coral reefs from environmental threats over the next 30 years. More than half of the new money will be used to improve water quality by preventing land erosion and limiting the outflow of nutrients and pesticides from the farm. The rest are used to target invasive species and monitor the system. But Dr. Jody Rammer, an associate professor of marine biology at James Cook University, said it was shocking that the plan did not address climate change at all. If you don’t address the main issues Reef is facing, all these efforts towards these issues will be in vain. It’s the impact of global warming associated with climate change, “says Rammer. Tighter actions on greenhouse gas emissions argued that it would cost work and ruled out strengthening Australia’s 2030 emissions targets.