Australia-UK deepens security relations and welcomes AUKUS’s progress

The UK has promised £ 25m to “strengthen the resilience of the region” to combat ongoing security challenges in the Indo-Pacific.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced at a virtual meeting with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on February 17th. The two leaders upheld a rule-based international order and promised to respect “the sovereignty of all nations.”

The two leaders welcomed the progress of AUKUS, citing the signing of the Navy Nuclear Propulsion Information Exchange Agreement on February 8, and opened the door for the United Kingdom and the United States to share Navy propulsion information with Australia.

The joint statement further welcomed the presence of UK and US officials in Australia to provide expert advice on many aspects of nuclear stewardship needed to operate the capabilities of nuclear submarines. I did. “

Officials from all three countries have met in London to discuss collaborations on cyber, artificial intelligence, quantum technology, and submarine capabilities, Johnson and Morrison said.

“The Prime Minister has expressed his determination to work closely with President Biden and continue to work closely with AUKUS and look forward to the next series of trilateral talks at the end of the month in Australia,” he said. rice field.

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (R) and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison arrived and issued a statement on June 15, 2021 in the garden of 10 Downing Street in central London. (DominicLipinski / POOL / AFP via Getty Images)

The AUKUS Agreement, announced last September, promised to help the United States and the United Kingdom acquire Australian nuclear submarines. This can significantly change the power balance in the Indo-Pacific region.

The agreement is in response to offsetting the ongoing invasion from Beijing in the Indo-Pacific region.

Meanwhile, the two leaders also expressed “grave concern” about reports of human rights violations targeting the Uighur minority in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of western China, calling on Beijing to protect Hong Kong’s rights and freedoms, an international group. He expressed his support for Taiwan’s participation in the event. For peace in the Taiwan Strait.

Chinese military aircraft have regularly invaded Taiwan’s airspace in recent months, increasing existing tensions caused by the militarization of Beijing’s South China Sea.

“The leaders recognized the importance of a country capable of exercising maritime rights and freedoms in the South China Sea, in line with the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS),” the statement said.

“Leaders have repeatedly opposed unilateral actions that could increase tensions and undermine the stability of the region,” he said.

Johnson and Morrison also emphasized Ukraine’s commitment to “sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity” amid ongoing tensions with Russia.

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