Australian Attorney General to submit religious discrimination bill to Parliament

Federal Attorney General Michaelia Cash will submit a Religious Discrimination Bill by the Morrison Government, which enshrines religious protection nationwide.

The bill will go to the coalition’s room on November 23 and will be introduced to the House of Representatives this week.

In a joint statement, Catholic, Jewish, and Islamic religious leaders across the country were welcomed to introduce “substantial protection” against faith-based discrimination, but provided specific protection, such as employment-based protection. Australians said they wanted to keep report..

“We haven’t seen the bill, but discussions with the government have removed some of the measures that existed in previous exposure drafts, such as protection of employers’ codes of conduct that limit religious speech outside the workplace. It turns out. Protecting the conscience for medical professionals. I wish these protections were somehow preserved. “

“The federal government currently has little legislative protection against discrimination directed at people based on religious identity and beliefs, and there is a contradiction in how states and territories deal with the problem. Needs protection. All. “

The bill, which was part of Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s 2019 election pledge, argued over including a’folau clause’that would legally protect individuals and organizations from dismissal if they expressed religious beliefs or beliefs. I caused it.

The “Forau Clause” is named after Israel Folau, a soccer player in the Australian professional rugby league. In a 2019 social media post, he said, “Drunk, gay, adult, liar, criminal, thief, atheist, idolist.”

Attorney General Michaelia Cash subsequently removed the “Forau Clause,” which includes the ability of healthcare providers to refuse treatment under “Conscientious Objection.” The cash move has been reported to be aimed at easing opposition to the bill among moderate members.

Crossbenchers Rex Patrick (Independent Senator) and Rebekha Sharkie (Center Alliance MP) said they weren’t looking at the bill as needed.

Meanwhile, opposition leader Anthony Albanese Sky news He hadn’t seen the bill yet, but he guaranteed his support for religious freedom.

“”[Y]You can protect your religious freedom without depriving others of your freedom, “he said.

“People should be able to practice their faith. I have always had great respect for people of faith. It is what I grew up with and what I always cherish.”

The revised bill includes a “creed” clause that invalidates non-discrimination laws in other federal, state, and territory states.

Under the bill, hospitals, schools and elderly housings run by religious groups and organizations can prioritize hiring people from faith.

This follows the introduction of a religious exception bill in Victoria that restricts religious groups and schools from hiring staff with the same religious beliefs. The Religious Exception Bill will be discussed in the House of Representatives of the Victorian Parliament this week.

A spokesperson for Attorney General Michaelia Cash told AAP that the federal government’s religious discrimination bill guarantees that “individuals will not be discriminated against based on their religious beliefs or activities.”

“The Religious Discrimination Bill does not affect the operation of existing religious exemptions under anti-discrimination laws such as the Sexism Act of 1984.”

Henry Jom