Australian Caravan Association is calling on political parties to invest in the industry

The Australian caravan industry is calling on all political parties to recognize the economic potential of the industry prior to the May 21 federal elections.

“The industry is adapting to the COVID-19 crisis and is ready to continue to lead the domestic tourism and automotive manufacturing industry as Australia recovers,” said a statement from the Australian Caravan Industry Association.

Australia recorded a “highest price in 30 years” for RV production in 2021, with a total of 23,931 RVs manufactured domestically, up 42% from 2020 and 11.5% from 2019. data From the association.

Caravan sales and prices continue to grow in a pandemic-led boom. Higher demand than ever For imported and homemade RVs.

“Talking to many dealers, importers and manufacturers, Australian buyers slide out and pop-top their hard-earned’travel’money rather than Caribbean cruises or family trips to Tokyo Disneyland. He will talk about how you have invested. ” I have written Article on

The association’s chief executive officer, Stuart Lamont, said there is no perfect time for the government to look for strategic investments and sound policy agendas in traditional industries that seek to invest, develop and transform into a new economy. Said.

“Caravans and camping in Australia are too often seen as a comfortable recreational activity, in contrast to the economic powers that offer manufacturing, retail, tourism and affordable housing,” Lamont said. increase.

The Association has proposed a four-point policy platform aimed at creating “highly leveraged returns to Australia’s recovery in employment, investment and economic activity.”

This policy includes strengthening Australia’s sovereign manufacturing industry and supercharging Australia’s tourism recovery. Future guarantees for the caravan and camping industry. Improve traffic safety outcomes.

“Caravans and camps are enjoyed by everyone, rich, poor, young and old, and bring social and health benefits in addition to the economic benefits of employment and visitor spending,” Lamont said. Mr. says.

“While the caravan maintains a strong manufacturing base (and more extensive car manufacturing is moving primarily offshore), it is the most popular accommodation choice for vacations in Australia. It is also the most popular accommodation choice in the Australian region, regardless of the purpose of the trip. “

Epoch Times Sydney Staff