Australian Christian Schools Cancel Gendered and Sexuality Statements Amid Increasing Pressure

The Australian Christian School has withdrawn its contract, including a declaration of belief in gender and sexuality, in the wake of two government investigations and intense criticism from communities and politicians, including the Prime Minister.

Brisbane’s Citipointe Christian College sent a contract to parents last Friday, stating that “universities only enroll students based on gender corresponding to their biological gender,” sexual immoralities such as homosexuality, bestiality and incest. Said. And childhood was “sinful.”

In a video message to parents on Tuesday, Principal Brian Marherin argued that “the legal exercise of religious freedom is not discrimination, but a characteristic of an open society.” Since the university was founded for religious purposes, he said, “the freedom to maintain our Christian spirit and provide education to our families based on our common beliefs.”

However, under combined pressure from the Human Rights Commission, the government’s non-national accreditation committee, Minister of Education and Prime Minister, Mulherin, are no longer required to sign contracts for families to register their children. Stated.

“I deeply regret that some students feel discriminated against because of their sexual orientation and gender identity. On behalf of the university, I apologize to them and their families,” Malherin said. Announced in a statement Thursday morning.

“As mentioned earlier, universities do not discriminate against or discriminate against students because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

“It is at the heart of our faith that being homosexual and transgender never undermines the humanity and dignity of a person in the eyes of God.”

However, the principal also said that it was “extremely painful” that some of the college students were “blamed” in the community “just because of their religious beliefs or because they attended college.” Stated.

Marherin added that he hopes that withdrawing the contract will allow people to regain their focus on Christian education in schools.

“All individuals are created equally in the image of God and should be treated with compassion, love, kindness, respect and dignity,” he said.

“Our society gives people the freedom to be part of a group of common beliefs … As a university established for religious purposes, we continue to provide education based on common beliefs. increase.”

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Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison will talk about pandemic management at the National Press Club in Canberra, Australia on February 1, 2022. (RohanThomson / Getty Images)

Earlier Thursday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison told B105 Radio that he did not uphold the contract, but the school did not violate current federal law.

“My kids go to a Christian school here in Sydney. I don’t want my school to do that either,” he said.

The current Religious Discrimination Bill, which is being discussed in Congress this week, allows religious people to express their beliefs, and faith-based schools hire teachers and select students based on the school’s religious beliefs. can do.

Grace Grace, Minister of Education with non-binary children, told The Epoch Times Wednesday that the school “does Christianity and should immediately withdraw this harmful registration contract.”

“Although there is freedom of religion in this country, as the Queen’s Land Human Rights Commission stated, schools enter into contracts from obligations under discrimination law by asking parents and students to agree to discriminatory terms. You can’t, “says Grace.

in the meantime, petition By February 3, the Australian Christian lobby seeking support for the university had collected over 27,000 signatures, and the organizer said, “Christian schools maintain Bible values ​​and affirm and model those values. You must be able to hire staff to do it. “

Lyle Shelton, a board member of the Christian Democratic Party, insists that Christian followers “should turn their other cheeks”, but “being grace means telling the truth in a public square. It doesn’t mean to give up. “

“We also have to protect our children from the harmful genderfluid and sexual expressionist ideologies that are enforced even in Christian schools,” he says. I wrote on Facebook on Wednesday..

“A small group of LGBTIQ + activists and mainstream media attacks on Citipointe Christian College are attacks on all loyal Christians in Australia.”

Nina Nguyen


Nina Nguyen is a Sydney-based Vietnamese reporter with a focus on Australian news. Contact her at [email protected]