Australian companies can deny unvaccinated customers, the prime minister says

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that most of Australia’s reopening plans include creating incentives to get the COVID-19 vaccine. This includes employers who refuse entry or service to people who cannot prove that they have been fully vaccinated.

Morrison added to the 2GB radio on August 26, “Under property law, businesses can say’no, they can’t enter.’That’s justified for them.”

The prime minister said these measures were to protect workers and customers from the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus and “have nothing to do with ideology” such as freedom and freedom.

“These issues are about freedom, etc. We all believe in freedom, but we believe that people are healthy. If you are not vaccinated, you are yourself, your family, your community. , Represents a greater public health risk to others. You, “Morison said. “So it’s wise for people to do wise things to protect their public health.”

But Campbell Newman, a candidate for the Liberal Democratic Senate and former Queensland Prime Minister, believes the Prime Minister has “lost all perspectives.”

Epoch Times Photo
Former Queensland Prime Minister Campbell Newman speaks to the media on January 6, 2015 at the Parliament Building in Brisbane, Australia. (GlennHunt / Getty Images)

“The prime minister is wrong,” Newman told the Epoch Times that vaccination with the COVID-19 vaccine could prevent serious illness and perhaps death, but it would completely infect and infect the CCP virus. He added that it cannot be prevented.

“At that point, what are we trying to achieve here? It’s illogical.

“I’m wondering what happened to Australia because the country’s prime minister is illogical and spits out a coercive position? This is not Australia’s way,” he said. rice field.

There is more than one candidate for the Senate. Some of Morrison’s own party room colleagues have come out to warn what the government calls “incentives” and instead label them as coercion.

Senator Eric Abets of the Liberal Party (LNP) does not want incentives such as vaccine passports to be used as “blunt instruments” to force vaccination to keep people out of society.

Abets argued that the deployment of COVID-19 vaccination should be under the legal requirements of informed consent. The Australian Immunity Handbook states that in order to be legally valid, it must be “spontaneously given in the absence of excessive pressure, coercion, or manipulation.”

Both Abets and Newman have stated that if all Australians had the opportunity to be vaccinated, all CCP virus-related blockades and restrictions would be a thing of the past.

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Qantas QF583 passengers arrive at Perth Airport from Sydney, are processed, and are police officers before being driven to the CBD Hotel for quarantine in Perth, Australia on October 19, 2020. Will guide you to the Transperth Bus. (Paul Kane / Getty Images)

In late July, the National Cabinet, an intergovernmental organization involving the Prime Minister and state and territory leaders, has a four-step roadmap (pdf) Resume countries that depend on vaccination.

A 70% vaccination mark triggers Phase B. Stay-at-home bans and restrictions are still possible during this phase, but are said to be unlikely.

When the 80% immunization target scheduled for December is reached, Phase C will be triggered and the country will begin reopening its borders. However, while vaccinated residents are exempt from national regulations, the blockade needs to be “highly targeted.”

When that goal was achieved, Newman hoped that everyone in Australia would have access to the vaccine if he wanted, and he said the entire country should be open without restrictions.

“There is no QR code. There is no state border closure. There is no blockage. There is no vaccination passport or coercion,” he said.

Meanwhile, Morrison said there are 8,984 vaccination sites. This is 10 times the number of McDonald’s restaurants in the country and 10 times the number of gas stations.

“It doesn’t suggest that Australia should be open on a whim or idealistic basis,” Morrison said. “We say we have plans based on the best science, the best health advice, and the best financial advice. That is, when we reach 70% and 80% (the range of vaccinations), Australians You can allow them to move forward and live with your COVID.

“Now that doesn’t mean you’re living exactly the same as before. You need to take wise precautions, as it’s happening all over the world.”

Currently, about 26.1% of the population is fully vaccinated and about 45.2% are vaccinated once with the CCP virus vaccine.

Apart from this, in Israel, one of the highest immunization levels in the world, the blockage restrictions have been temporarily lifted for only some of the measures recently re-imposed in the spread of delta variants.

This includes wearing indoor masks, restricting meetings, strengthening rapid testing, and resuming the “Green Pass” COVID-19 Vaccine Passport program in late July.

Of the population of more than 9 million, Israel has about 5.4 million, or 78% of those over the age of 12, who are fully vaccinated.

Mimi Nguyen Ly contributed to this report.

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