Australian cricket captain breaks silence with coach resignation

Australian cricket captain Pat Cummins broke silence as to why Justin Langer (JL) wasn’t offered another long-term contract, even though he led the team to victory in the T2O World Cup and Ash.

Cummins has been accused of not supporting his coach since Langer resigned on Saturday and for the role he may have played in Langer’s departure.

Cummins told the media Wednesday that there are certain things that team stakeholders want to be important to getting the most out of their players, looking ahead to the review process and the future.

“I think players will benefit from a more collaborative approach,” he said.

He added that the main theme of the team this summer is to be more subdued, as clarified by feedback from players, support staff, and CAs.

“I think that’s the direction we want to be a team,” he said.

Langer explained in a LinkedIn post about his resignation on Sunday why he was so intense.

“My life has been built on the values ​​of honesty, respect, trust, truth, and performance. If it sometimes feels” too strong, “I apologize,” Langer said. rice field.

Cummins praised his previous coach before saying why Justin Langer wasn’t the right coach to take a new direction.

“He was the right person for the times. He did a great job,” he said.

He continued to have some skill sets different from Langer’s traditional coaching style and fine-tuned the coaching style in the last six months, but stakeholders questioned whether it was sustainable. And we have come to the conclusion that now is the right time to go in the other direction.

“It’s a matter of opinion, but we think it’s right,” Cummins said.

When asked if the balance of power between the captain and the coach is changing, Cummins said it was about the close cooperation between the support staff and the team.

This is after cricket legend Shane Warne criticized Cricket Australia (CA) on Tuesday, saying that CA’s treatment of Langer indicates that players are “calling shots.” ..

Cummins said he spends a lot of time in the environment, visits many players and has really good relationships with players and support staff.

“I think I have a pretty good understanding of what works best in this environment and makes the most of the player,” he said.

“And I’m honest … this change is correct and necessary, and people have different opinions about it, but I think this is to get the most out of our team. . “

Cummins added that neither himself nor the team would be able to decide who would replace Langer.

“Like JL’s renewal, we’re part of the feedback process, but we weren’t part of it because it’s up to the board, the club performance department, and the CEO,” he says. I did.

“We’re all professionals here, so if you don’t have the coach you want, that’s okay. We’ll keep playing.”

Andrew Macdonald, Langer’s assistant coach, has been appointed as interim head coach.

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