Australian defense minister calls for ‘ordinary peaceful action’ in Taiwan Strait

Australian Defense Minister and Acting Prime Minister Richard Mares Calling for a “return to normal peaceful operations” in the Taiwan Strait amid heightened tensions in the region after China conducted several military exercises and the US House Speaker’s diplomatic visit to Taiwan. there is

Marles said the Labor government “one china policyOn Taiwan, which has been the ‘status quo’ in Australian and US policy since 1972.

Australia’s current policy is to recognize Taiwan is not an independent country but a province of China. However, the policy allows Australia to maintain trade, education and diplomatic relations with Taiwan.

“There are challenges in our relationship with China, and that’s what I said before the election.” Mares Said sunday sky news.

“What we have tried to do is change the tone of how we interact with the world, but that includes how we interact with China. he said.

Mares He added that the international community “would breathe a sigh of relief” if tensions in the Taiwan Strait were eased, saying the wider region was important to Australia’s national interests.

“And obviously, from an Australian perspective, we have asked for de-escalation.”

This comment contrasts Labor with the former centre-right Morrison government. The Morrison administration clearly recognizes Beijing as an aggressor mounting military pressure on the autonomous islands.

Do not repeat mistakes with Russia

Meanwhile, opposition Conservative leader Peter Dutton has called on the world not to make the same mistake with China that it made with Russia.

“It doesn’t make sense after months and years to say that the Chinese have entered Taiwan. We didn’t expect this to come,” he told Nine on Friday.

“We are right in putting a big spotlight on action and calling it out…if we do, it gives us the best chance of preserving peace in our region.

“Many people will say that if we put more pressure on Putin not to enter Ukraine … there will be no more bloody scenes.”

That is as China has said it has completed military exercises in the Taiwan Strait.

Meanwhile, earlier this week, China’s Ambassador to Australia Xiao Cheng addressed the National Press Club, warning Australia of its position on Taiwan, and China will use all means necessary for “reunification”. said he was ready to do so.

Meanwhile, Energy Minister Chris Bowen called on the United States and China to resume talks on climate change after China said it would pause cooperation efforts.

He said it was important for the two countries to come to the negotiating table to reduce emissions.

“Due to all the tensions between China and the United States, these negotiations have been suspended,” Bowen said on ABC’s insider show, but did not reveal that China was the aggressor.

“We want the world’s two largest emitters to talk to each other. I hope those talks resume and the moratorium lifts because that’s a blow.

Nina Nguyen


Nina Nguyen is a reporter based in Sydney. She covers Australian news with a focus on social, cultural and identity issues. She is fluent in Vietnamese. Please contact her at [email protected]