Australian Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce Contract COVID-19


Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce signed with COVID-19 during a 10-day business trip to the United Kingdom (UK) and the United States (US).

After arriving in the United States, Joyce, who tested positive for the new coronavirus, negotiated to improve relations between Australia’s infrastructure and the United Kingdom and the United States and focus on Morrison’s plans to tackle social media bullying. It was in the middle of.

Speak on sky news Thursday Joyce believes he was infected with the virus in the UK after being negative twice against the virus during his stay in London, but because the symptoms are relatively mild, he believes he is still at the beginning of the disease. Said that.

“I think it’s just the beginning,” Joyce said. “I don’t feel that bad. It’s crazy.”

“It doesn’t scream at you, so you really have to quiz yourself about whether you really need to be tested,” he said.

Joyce is fully vaccinated with COVID-19 jab.

But the Deputy Prime Minister was rude about getting infected with the CCP virus, saying that it was just life and he didn’t even think he was really ill.

He also stuck to his belief that the world needs to move to living with the coronavirus.

“You can’t shut down the whole place. The world has to move forward,” he said. It is economically impossible for any country to enter into a permanent closure. If you want to pay for social security, health and school, the economy needs to make money, and no one can make money at home. “

Joyce, in particular, hopes that Australia will move to a system that can treat COVID-19 infections such as influenza and will no longer use quarantine as a control method.

Meanwhile, Joyce is currently isolated in the United States for the next 10 days and will miss his arranged meeting with US authorities, including discussions on implementing better controls surrounding social media giants such as Facebook.

Currently, the Australian Government is trying to implement better control over how social media platforms manage the content of their sites. In particular, Joyce sought to establish some warnings about online bullying and intimidation from anonymous sources.

“We want to have better control over what Facebook and other online platforms have in your child’s bedroom,” Joyce said.

Victoria Kelley Clark