Australian employee group welcomes the COVID-19 compensation scheme without negligence

Employees and business groups welcomed the federal government Presentation On Saturday, we will introduce a negligent COVID-19 compensation scheme that provides financial compensation to those who have experienced serious adverse side effects from the vaccine.

This scheme gives businesses the confidence to distribute their vaccine obligations to their employees by providing financial protection to all Australians vaccinated with COVID-19.

Health Minister Greg Hunt said the plan dates back to February 2021 to cover the cost of injuries in excess of $ 5,000 (US $ 3,650) due to proven side effects of COVID-19 vaccination. An independent expert will evaluate the claim.

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) said it was a leader in promoting this plan in close cooperation with the government and other organizations.

“This scheme is a vote of confidence in the safety of the vaccines used in Australia, with a strong message that in the very rare cases of serious side effects, compensation can be accessed without resorting to expensive and complex proceedings. Send to the patient, “AMA President Dr. Omar Khorshid said..

The plan also protected health care workers involved in vaccine deployment from stressful court proceedings, Khorshid said.

The Australian Chamber of Commerce (ACCI) said they have long been supporters of employer retaliation protection.

“Many employers have shown that they are prepared to support vaccination programs in the workplace and are actively considering them. However, employers such as clinicians have shown that they are willing to support the COVID-19 vaccine. “We have expressed ongoing concern about compensation arrangements to cover dosing,” said ACCI CEO. Andrew McKeller said..

Epoch Times Photo
Men will receive the COVID-19 vaccine at the newly opened vaccination hub in Dowel, Australia, on August 21, 2021. (BelindaSoole / GettyImages)

McKeller began focusing on encouraging employers to voluntarily vaccinate workers and recommended helping the country reach its 80 percent vaccination target.

“Achieving high immunization rates is our ticket to restarting the economy and returning to business,” he said.

The Australian Insurance Council (ICA) said it looks forward to working with the government to ensure that the scheme works as intended.

“The COVID-19 mass vaccination program is a large and complex effort in a rapidly evolving environment,” said ICACEO. Andrew Hall said.. “Many insurers are interested in promoting workplace vaccination programs similar to annual flu shots once they have access to flu shots through registered health providers. I am. “

AMA, ACCI, and ICA have worked closely with the government to introduce compensation schemes.

The Australian Business Council (BCA) also welcomed plans to give employers across the country greater certainty and confidence in managing COVID-19 vaccination in the workplace.

“The job of the business is to accelerate vaccine intake and support government deployment,” said Jennifer Westacot, CEO of BCA. “Today’s announcement gives thousands of companies the confidence to tackle this task.”

According to a survey of more than 700 companies by the Australian Industrial Group, 51% favor compulsory workplace vaccination, 37% prefer to encourage voluntary vaccination, and 10% are in their business. He said he was not sure if it could be applied.

Rebecca Chu