Australian Fast Track Protection Visa for Taliban Targeted Afghan Interpreters

Australia is urgently processing up to 300 protective visa applications for Afghan interpreters who are said to be on the Taliban’s attack list as allied troops withdraw from Afghanistan.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the federal government was aware of the situation and is currently handling paperwork.

“I’ve done this safely and I’ll be able to do it, but it’s very useless to elaborate on the issue,” Morrison told reporters in Sydney on Tuesday. Was.

“We are very aware of it and, as in the past, we are urgently and resolutely working to ensure that we do this in the right way.”

Former Admiral Chris Barrie said Australia has a significant duty to take care of an interpreter when withdrawing from the army later this year.

“It’s not conscientious to leave these people to the Taliban’s mercy,” Barry said. ABC Radio“We have to do something to help them.”

Afghan security forces standing near armored vehicles during an ongoing battle between Afghan security forces and Taliban fighters in the Busharan region on the outskirts of Lashkar Gah, the capital of Helmand, on May 5, 2021. (Getty Images via Sifatullah Zahidi / AFP))

Documents obtained by the ABC show that the Taliban attempted to kill an Afghan interpreter who was accused of working for a “pagan enemy.”

“We are honest in words and will catch you day and night. You will be punished and we will reach our goals,” said an Afghan interpreter who worked with Australian Defense Force soldiers. It is written in the letter sent to.

It tells the interpreter, “Wait for your death soon.”

The interpreter was targeted by Taliban rebels in November 2016 and broke three legs.

Approximately 60 percent of applications over the last eight years have been approved.Hugh Jeffrey, Department of Defense International Policy Division I told SBS. No figures are given after Australia announced the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

“Since 2013, we have certified about 1,000 applications in total, of which about 600 have been certified,” Jeffrey said. “Approximately 1,200 Afghans, including applicants and their families, have resettled in Australia.”

The United States and the United Kingdom have agreed to urgently resettle thousands of Afghan interpreters and their families.

British Home Secretary Pretty Patel Said This is a “moral obligation” and the government “recognizes the risks it faces in the war on terrorism and rewards its efforts.”

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