Australian flood victims warned to be mentally prepared


Australian flood victims returning to flooded homes were urged to mentally prepare and reach out for assistance from those around them as evacuation orders were eased.

Residents of New South Wales (NSW) are being asked to donate to GIVIT to better coordinate their support, but currently up to $ 1000 in federal relief is being provided to residents of 29 municipalities. I am.

As rain returned throughout the state, including Sydney, authorities warned of some road closures and public transport disruptions due to the floods.

Approximately 37,000 people remained evacuated on Saturday as state emergency services said they were working to ease emergency notifications.

“It obviously has an impact,” Adam Jones of SES told AAP.

“There is debris and their home is not checked, so if it is flooded, there may be a structural problem.

“The electrician may need to look at the electrician. There can be mud and sewage everywhere.”

Residents affected by the flood must wear PPE, boots, gloves and have disinfectant handy when returning to the facility.

Jones also urged people to prepare to see their homes significantly damaged and seek community support.

“Everyone will feel a little stressed in this situation,” he said.

The federal government expanded the number of areas where relief money was accessible on Saturday night and added six flood-affected councils to the list.

Flood-affected people are eligible to pay $ 1000 per eligible adult and $ 400 per eligible child.

The state’s reconstruction efforts will be overseen by former detective Dean Betts and fellow Resilience NSW director Mel Gore, emergency services minister Steph Cook said Saturday.

“These appointments help ensure that flood-affected communities receive support in a timely and efficient manner,” Cook said.

Floods continued on Saturday in Hunter and the lower Hawkesbury area, with more than 1,000 government officials waiting for help.

Approximately 37 Victorian rescuers also visited New South Wales to help with rescue and cleaning, bringing the total number of crew from the state to 94.

Cook said the immediate priority was to assess the damage and give refugees access to emergency accommodation.

Cook said on Sunday that the GIVIT Donation Hub will allow the Government of New South Wales to better direct donations to flood victims.

“By donating through official channels, people can see that their generosity is being sent directly to those who have been hit hardest by the floods,” she said.

Of the 2285 facilities already investigated, 239 are considered uninhabitable and an additional 973 are in need of repair.

In Hunter, downstream of Hawkesbury, and the Blue Mountains, roads remain cut in several towns, affecting train operations.

The T1 Western, Blue Mountain and Hunter stations do not operate between some stations, and the Parramatta River ferry offers alternative transportation between some stops.



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