Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong heads to Malaysia’s Vietnam


Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong embarks on a visit to Vietnam and Malaysia. This is his second trip to Southeast Asia since his oath.

Senator Wong will take off on Sunday as the federal government continues to strengthen relations with neighboring countries in Australia’s Asia-Pacific region.

“It’s not just geography that binds us. Vietnam and Malaysia have a real connection between family, business, education and tourism,” Senator Wong said in a statement.

“My visit aims to deepen these relationships based on our existing partnerships for the benefit of our country and region.”

In Vietnam, Senator Wong will meet with the Vietnamese president, prime minister and foreign minister ahead of next year’s 50th anniversary of diplomacy.

The discussion will focus on climate change cooperation, trade and investment, and Australia’s continued support for Vietnam’s recovery of COVID-19.

She will then meet with the Malaysian Minister on economic recovery, climate change measures, education and health and safety issues.

The Malaysian-born senator returns to his former home in Sabah, Borneo.

“I spent my childhood in Kota Kinabalu and am very honored to be back in the city as Australian Foreign Minister.”



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