Australian Government Donates $ 1.5 Million to Indonesian FMD Program

The Australian Government will provide financial support for FMD vaccination in Indonesia to prevent FMD from spreading to Australia and causing havoc in the agricultural sector.

After the foot-and-mouth disease spread to Bali, after receiving a formal request for support from the Indonesian government, Australian Government We have agreed to donate $ 1.5 million ($ 1.01 million) to provide at least one million doses of vaccine to Southeast Asian countries.

At the beginning of July 13, Agriculture Minister Murray Watt flew to Indonesia and the next day in Jakarta to discuss support with Indonesian counterparts.

He said Australia proposed sharing its expertise in emergency disease management and biosecurity under a “two-sided” approach, including strengthening biosecurity measures at the Australian border.

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Penny Wong said vaccine support highlighted Australia’s commitment to Indonesia.

“Protecting biosecurity in our region is a common concern for Australia and Indonesia, which was confirmed at the recent Annual Summit of Indonesia and Australia.” She said..

Foot-and-mouth disease has occurred Indonesia In May, the first time in 36 years, we warned Australian agriculture.

On July 5, Indonesian authorities confirmed that a highly contagious disease had occurred in livestock in Bali, a popular vacation destination with more than 100 weekly flights from Australia.

After receiving the news, Australian authorities immediately strengthened biosecurity and adopted some precautions.

The public demands stricter restrictions

Currently, Australian authorities are advising travelers arriving from Indonesia to make sure their clothes and shoes are not contaminated with soil or fertilizer.

However, the National Party of Australia has taken the federal government one step further to enforce a two-day ban on compulsory shoe decontamination and return to the Australian region for all travelers returning from Bali. I’m looking for.

“I urge the government to introduce compulsory shoe decontamination for all travelers returning from Bali, which seems to have been rejected,” said MP Kevin Hogan. rice field.

“I also asked them to consider spending two days in the city before returning to the area for all travelers returning from Bali.”

Hogan also said that an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in Australia could result in a ban on lean meat exports, which could last for years and cause enormous damage to Australia’s livestock and meat processing industries. ..

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