Australian Government Pledges $ 19 Million to Assist Victims of Domestic Violence in South Australia

The federal government is increasing support for South Australian women and children experiencing domestic violence (DV) through $ 19 million ($ 13.54 million) funding.

according to Media release On Wednesday, the new funding will support the continuation of some existing programs, and the South Australian (SA) Government and the DV sector will work together to determine other areas where funding is most needed.

This was after the first $ 9.8 million ($ 6.98 million) was spent in helping South Australians at risk during the first two years of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With this funding, the SA Government will accelerate several new DV support and intervention initiatives during the pandemic, including opening new regional safety hubs on Mount Gambier, Whyalla, Port Pirie, Gourwa and Port Lincoln. Was completed. Provide new safe and secure housing programs that provide support and information to help women and their children move from temporary critical accommodations to safe and long-term accommodations. Funding programs to help children of domestic violence victims, including specific programs for Aboriginal women and their children.

In addition, a 24/7 male referral service hotline and a wraparound support service for perpetrators have been set up.Break the cycleAn advertising campaign aimed at stopping domestic violence before it’s too late.

Human Services Minister Michelle Lensink said the new $ 19 million infusion will enable the Marshall government to expand its support to endangered South Australia.

“Supporting endangered women and children and stopping the insidious tragedy of domestic, family and sexual violence remains our priority,” Rensink said. I did.

“This million of financial aids provide more emergency accommodation services, more personalized support for domestic violence survivors, more ability to provide wraparound services to vulnerable children and adolescents, and more perpetration. Intervention, and more support services to enable women to stay safe in their homes. “

Carolyn Power, Deputy Minister for Domestic Violence and Domestic Violence Prevention, welcomed additional funding, with a new $ 19 million funding for a series of new domestic violence measures to help women. He said he would support the SA government’s own $ 21 million ($ 14.96 million) investment. And children in South Australia.

“All South Australia deserves to live safely and free of violence. This funding ensures that support and help remain available when people need it. Helps, “she said.

The new funding is part of a $ 260 million (US $ 185.24 million) national partnership agreement on the response to family, domestic and sexual violence between 2021 and 23, with federal cooperation. It aims to enhance the capabilities of frontline services by ensuring shared responsibility. States and territories to achieve goals and objectives.

According to the latest Australian Bureau of StatisticsOne in six Australian women over the age of 15 experienced physical or sexual violence by their current or previous partner, one in four experienced psychological abuse, and one in five. Experienced sexual violence.

In the same category of men, the statistics are 1/16, 1/6, and 1/20, respectively.

According to statistics, 1 in 14 children under the age of 15 experience physical abuse by the family and 1 in 30 experience sexual abuse by the family.

Steve Milne