Australian Government Revokes British Commentator Katie Hopkins Visa for Quarantine Violation

British conservative commentator Katie Hopkins will be deported to the UK following comments on social media that she violated Australian quarantine rules during her stay in Sydney.

Australian Interior Minister Karen Andrews confirmed the decision on 19 July, adding that Hopkins’ actions were “unacceptable” given the current blockade of the entire Australian state.

“The fact that she was proud of her quarantine breach was just horrifying,” Andrews said. Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). “”[I]For all Australians currently blocked, t was a slap. “

“We will take her out of the country as soon as we can arrange it. I hope it will happen soon.”

Hopkins criticized Australia’s response to the pandemic in her deleted post uploaded to Instagram on July 17, stating that the blockade was “the biggest hoax in history.” She also opened the door to “naked” workers without a face mask and elaborated on how to break the hotel’s quarantine rules.

Quarantine regulations require Hopkins to wear a mask and wait 30 seconds before opening the food delivery door.

Hopkins will appear as a contestant or “housemate” on Channel Seven’s Big Brother, and has been granted a travel exemption from the New South Wales government based on “potential economic benefits,” Andrews said. ..

Big Brother, a real-life game show where contestants live in monitored homes isolated from the outside world, was exempt from bringing offshore contestants with the support of the Government of New South Wales.

“The Government of New South Wales has approved the quarantine of Big Brother contestants beyond the quarantine limit,” Andrews said. Among them is the American celebrity Caitlyn Jenner, who landed in Sydney on July 16th. TMZ..

However, Channel Seven has decided to terminate Hopkins’ Big Brother contract in response to public anger at the deleted video post.

“Seven Networks and Ende Morshine Australia have confirmed that Katie Hopkins is not part of the Big Brother VIP,” a Channel Seven spokesman said in a statement to The Epoch Times. “Seven and Ende Morshine strongly condemn her irresponsible and reckless comments on the hotel’s quarantine.”

Victorian Labor Congressman Andrew Giles Added Hopkins’ actions were “terribly rude to the frontline workers trying to keep us safe.”

In an e-mail statement to The Epoch Times, a spokesperson for the Interior Ministry said that all visa holders in Australia during the pandemic were all public issued by both the federal and state and territory governments. He said he was expected to comply with the hygiene directive.

“Violation of these instructions is considered a potential risk to the health, security or order of the Australian community,” said a spokesman, who warned the Australian Border Force, canceled visas and deposed non-citizens. Can be eliminated. A serious case. “

This is because the number of international flights arriving in Australia on commercial flights has halved since July 14. Meanwhile, Sydney and Melbourne have been locked down due to growing concerns about the increasing number of cases of delta variants of the CCP virus.

Last year, Hopkins was reportedly unplatformed on Twitter over “hate.” Breitbart..

The Epoch Times asked the Australian Border Force and Katie Hopkins to comment on the news, but did not receive it in time for the announcement.

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