Australian Greens Fight Hard With Labor Government Over Net-Zero Deal

Australia’s Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is set in a tough battle with Greens leader Adam Band, who is obsessed with legislating emission reduction targets so that successive governments can never abolish them.

The Labor government plans to introduce a new bill to legislate climate change and net-zero policies, but the Bundesrat needs left-wing Greens to pass the bill.

Currently, the Greens have 12 seats in the Senate, the Labor Party has 26 seats, and the Associated State has 32 seats.

Free State lawmakers have ruled out legislation on the hardnet zero target, and opposition employment spokesman Mikaelia Cash said the party “will not ruin the Australian economy.”

“We use technology, not taxes, to promise net zero by 2050 … the position of the coalition is very clear,” she told Canberra reporters on July 25.

The lack of support from the coalition means that the Albany government needs to negotiate with the Greens to pass the law.

However, Greens leader Adam Band outlined his own set of demands, including introducing a mechanism to prevent later governments from abolishing the Net Zero goal.

“We can’t go below this weak government goal, but we can’t cap it,” he told Canberra reporters on July 25. It may be a climate-ambitious future by raising goals.

“We don’t want [One Nation’s] With Pauline Hanson [United Australian Party founder] Clive Palmer is now able to listen to science and handbrake future governments to raise their goals. “

Labor force, green is different with net zero goal

The Labor government has a 43% emission reduction target by 2030 (net zero by 2050), but Greens emits 74% from the previous target of 26-28% set by the Morrison government. Campaigned reduction targets. Reach net zero by 2030.

The band, the leader of the Greens, states that all goals agreed in 2030 should be seen as a lower limit, not an upper limit, on emission reduction policies. In addition, Greens has also called for a ban on all new coal and gas projects in Australia, accusing Prime Minister Albanese of being allowed to proceed with such projects if passed environmental approval. did.

“A policy that simply replaces Australia’s resources with cleaner resources from other countries will lead to an increase, not a decrease, in global emissions,” he said. Australian person newspaper.

“The Greens position is not a need to recognize that Australia needs to play its role, but it is aimed at politics, but its role is to ensure that global emissions are reduced. . “

The move to worship Net Zero is a constant reluctance from policy makers and business leaders to support coal and gas development for climate change movements, with the Labor government’s price for electricity and gas. It happens when you are scrambling to deal with soaring prices.

Daniel Y. Ten


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