Australian Greens pledges taxes to the wealthy to fund major welfare increases

If the Australian Greens maintain a balance of power after the next federal election, tax increases for millionaires and businesses could occur.

The Greens leader, Adam Band, announced his latest policy announcement on March 20, outlining the significant increase in welfare payments currently being received by millions of Australians.

Under the new plan, the grant will raise the average daily welfare cost from A $ 45 (US $ 33.33) to $ 88.

The guarantee of livable income is expected to increase across the scope of current welfare programs affecting young Australians, students, parents, disabled people, retirees, and farmers.

Singles over the age of 21 with no dependents receive an additional $ 347 ($ 257) per week, while age pensioners can receive an additional $ 122 per week.

The program, which Greens says was costed by the Parliamentary Budget Department, will cost A $ 88.7 billion (US $ 65.73 billion) over a future estimate period of three years from the current fiscal year.

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“In a wealthy country like us, no one should live in poverty,” the band said. “By getting millionaires and big companies to pay fair taxes, we can help people out of poverty, while raising wages and boosting the economy.”

Bandt was critical of the $ 120,000 to $ 200,000 annual tax cut for individuals ($ 88,000 to $ 147,000) scheduled for the period 2024-2025. This will reduce the tax rate from 37% or 45% to 30%.

“In the face of rising living costs and imminent inflation, raising income support is an urgent economic stimulus that will help raise wages from below,” he added.

Senator Janet Rice, a spokesman for Greens’ family and community services, said something was “badly broken” when 20% of the population couldn’t survive with current welfare payments.

“Gasoline prices are rising and food prices are going to rise. When you’re already barely scraping every week, it doesn’t take long to put you in a dire situation,” she said. rice field.

The Greens are critical of the center-left major opposition Labor Party’s “small goal” election strategy, avoiding major announcements in the hope that voter dissatisfaction can expel the coalition government, and is the only “society” for Australians. “Democratic alternative”.

Labor leader Anthony Albanese is struggling to stay away from more people. Radical left wing element It’s part of the political landscape to appeal to mainstream voters, and even eliminates power-sharing arrangements with Greens if Labor needs numbers to form a government.

“After the election, I will not negotiate or trade with Greens,” Albanese said. 2GB radio..

“This is just a drawback for Greens to discuss for themselves,” he said. “This is a complete distraction to make people think that Green is more important than you.”

Gigi Foster, an economist at the University of New South Wales, said Greens’ proposal was appealing to open-minded people, but oversimplified the main issue at hand.

“In fact, the problems faced by our most underprivileged people are far more complex and deeper than can be solved by spending more cash on them,” she said in an email. Told to. “Trying to cure a problem with money alone is insulting and lazy, like getting rid of the short-term pain of a complex injury by prescribing painkillers without giving hope for a long-term solution. “

Foster said he needed a more comprehensive plan to help individuals reconnect with society, and that forcing large corporations to pay for the program was a “suspicious” proposal.

“Large companies regularly hire big advisors to find the best way to hide their income from various tax authorities around the world and to encourage parliamentarians not to pass detrimental tax laws. I have a lot of resources to take advantage of, “she said. “What is the Greens proposing to avoid the core problem of persistent corporate profits of effectively calling for attacks on the government and tax evasion?”

The band, the leader of Greens, could hang Congress and pave the way for smaller parties like Greens to exert greater influence on policy due to growing dissatisfaction with the two major parties and split voting. I’m sure I can.

In recent months, the band has decided to end many progressive policies, including billions of wage subsidies for workers in the energy sector affected by the proposed climate change initiative, to create A $ 19 billion. I promised. Free childcare service By 2026, Beijing will halve its defense budget for all Australians, despite Beijing’s continued expansion of military power in the Indo-Pacific region.

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