Australian indigenous communities at the heart of social media rumors refute claims

Two Aboriginal residents, Binjari and Rockhall, on the outskirts of Catherine, posted on social media claiming that the distribution of compulsory vaccination was not true and was treated with respect and dignity by the authorities. NT News Reported on Thursday.

This is behind Twitter’s allegations earlier in the week that military personnel forced residents to get the COVID-19 vaccine and took them to a Howard Springs facility against their will.

Social media articles are Howard Springs for promoting current vaccinations in the Aboriginal community and for the Northern Territory government to distribute food, COVID-19 inspection, adherence to blockage rules, and quarantine.

In one video post, an Aboriginal man said he was called by an elder on the Robinson River who was crying after being forcibly vaccinated by everyone in the community.

These allegations have also been refuted by the Australian Department of Defense (DOD), who in an email to the Epoch Times claim that military personnel are vaccination and detention of people “clearly false.” I confirmed that it was.

“The Pentagon, which is currently supporting the Northern Territory government authorities, has forced residents to be removed from their homes, vaccinated against their will, and filmed events in public places. You can’t force a stop on photography, “said the Pentagon.

Their response also states that Defense is supporting the government-wide response to COVID-19 and is providing support at the request of states and territories through the Emergency Management Australia. This support focuses primarily on COVID-19 testing and supports measures to delay the spread of the virus and the well-being of the community.

“ADF personnel are responsible for supporting state and territory authorities and have no authority or authority to carry out law enforcement activities,” the ministry added.

Similarly, Binjari resident Ebonne Booth said on social media that posts about the Binjari community and blockade are not true. NT News report.

“If people want to know what’s going on, talk to us, our family and our mob. The military and police aren’t taking anyone away against their will. Forcibly No children have been vaccinated, “she said.

She added that parents are making decisions for their children and that everyone in the community is treated with respect.

Rockhole resident Suzie Andrews also confirmed that none of these claims on social media are true.

“No one has been forced or suppressed to get the vaccination. We are being taken care of and calling out to those who can answer our problems.” She said. “We can ask the police and they are doing their best.”

In addition, the Wurli-Wurlinjang Aboriginal Health Service issued a statement on behalf of residents of Binjari and Rockhall, stating that residents of these communities were hurt by false comments about their situation.

“We don’t appreciate outsiders making untrue comments. Social media people who say our people are being abused say their comments care about them. We need to be aware that we are hurting the people who claim it, “the statement said.

“We are treated with a lot of respect and we appreciate all the support provided by these support personnel.”

Meanwhile, community lockdowns began to transition from hard lockdown to lockdown at noon Thursday, as COVID-19 test results were negative and wastewater results were obtained.

According to NT Health, residents are allowed to leave their homes for five important reasons. It includes medical care, essentials and services, work considered essential, one hour of exercise a day within a radius of 5 km from home, and family members and those who cannot be independent.

However, the binjari community remains severely blocked. This means that people can only leave home for medical treatment in an emergency or when required by law.

This is because one new case was recorded on Thursday, a teenager in the Binjari community. He is in close contact with previous incidents and is quarantined at the Howard Springs facility on the outskirts of Darwin.

The number of active COVID-19 cases in the Northern Territory is currently 50.

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