Australian judge says the man who filmed the dying policeman is hated

Melbourne, Australia (AP) —A man who portrayed four dying police officers in last year’s crash as justice was “probably Australia’s most hated man,” the judge said Wednesday. He said while considering his decision.

Judge Trevor Wraight said the public’s anger at Richard Pusey’s actions was understandable.

The judge spoke at a pre-judgment hearing after 42-year-old Pusey pleaded guilty to several charges earlier this month. He will be sentenced to April 28 and will face up to five years in prison.

Mortgage broker Pusey was pulled by police for speeding at his Porsche at a speed of 149 km / h (93 mph). Police officers were discussing whether to push the car in when the truck broke into them. At that time, he was urinating by the side of the highway, so he couldn’t hit the psy.

When other witnesses rushed to help, Psy took out his phone and made two videos of the scene. He zoomed in on the faces and injuries of three male and one female officers, calling them vulgar, and said the scene represented “absolutely wonderful” and “justice.”

Others on the scene turned to Psy for help, but he shrugged them, saying, “They are dead.”

He later pleaded guilty to public obscenity, speeding, and reckless behavior. He also admitted to owning ecstasy after returning a positive test for both ecstasy and marijuana when he was pulled.

Defense lawyer Dermot Dan said Mr. Psy had asked the police’s family to apologize.

“He was ashamed and embarrassed of what was being said in the recording,” Dan said.

He said Pusey had serious personality disorders, including anti-authoritative traits that influenced his behavior at the crash site. He said Psy was trying to get help from his condition.

His lawyer said Psy did not directly curse the dying officer, and said there was a place to mercy on him in the accusations.

According to Dan, Psy was detained for nearly nine months and was released on a community correction order, allowing him to finish his sentence outside the prison.

However, prosecutor Robin Harper said Psy’s actions were deliberate and cold-hearted, depriving officers of the dignity they deserved in the last moment.

The judge agreed to have Pusey evaluate the order of the community before the decision hearing in late April.

Mohinder Singh, who was driving a truck in December, was found guilty of 10 charges and will be sentenced to prison next month.

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