Australian Labor Party campaign focused on affordable housing

The imminent rise in interest rates and the new opposition’s shared equity plans to bring thousands of people home are spotlighting the affordability of real estate.

The Federal Labor Department states that the cost of buying a home can be reduced by up to 40 percent per year for about 10,000 low- and middle-income earners if it beats the government.

In response to Sunday’s policy, Finance Minister Simon Birmingham said the recently expanded housing guarantee system was preferable to the government, which owns parts of people’s homes.

“Our policy is to allow Australians to own their own homes. Workers’ policy is for the government to own part of your home with you,” Birmingham said on Sunday. Told the insider.

The Labor’s Help to Buy scheme offers up to 40% of the purchase price of a new home, up to 30% of existing homes, and buyers need a minimum of 2% deposit.

Prior to the latest federal budget, the government announced that up to 50,000 locations would be available each year under a scheme that would allow first homebuyers to enter the market with much less deposit.

“It’s now helping to really increase ownership for the first time … and importantly, you get your own home, you don’t have Albanese on the kitchen table,” Birmingham said. Said.

He said last year’s Australian market saw about 160,000 new homeowners, from an average of about 100,000 over five years.

Labor plans allow Australians to buy back additional shares of a federal-owned home in 5% increments or repay the government at the time of sale.

This scheme is not limited to the first homebuyer, but the participants are Australian citizens and must have lived in the home for two years.

Taxpayers are expected to cost approximately A $ 329 million (US $ 323.31 million) over a four-year period.

The Reserve Bank will meet on Tuesday to discuss the outlook for rising interest rates in the medium term of the campaign.



Australian Associated Press is an Australian news agency.