Australian medical personnel warn grandparents


Queensland Chief Health Officer Janet Young prevents unvaccinated grandparents from going “near” their grandchildren as variants of the CCP virus delta are widespread in four schools in Australia. I’m warning you.

This is because Queensland recorded 16 new COVID-19 cases on Tuesday, all related to the Indooroopilly High School cluster.

One of the new cases is another student at Indoor Opily High School, two at Brisbane Grammar School, two at Brisbane Girls Grammar School, three at Ironside State School, a family of five involved in the new case, and It was one neighbor. Known case.

“If you are one of these children, one grandparent of one of these households and have not been vaccinated, do not go near your grandchildren,” Young said. Told reporters on Tuesday.

Young is also concerned that authorities have not yet been able to track the outbreak to its source.

“I know the first two cases that arrived in Queensland on June 29, but I don’t know how either of them was transmitted to the first family in the Indooroopilly area of ​​Taringa.” She said.

The state’s chief health officer also said he wanted to vaccinate all teachers, but did not have enough vaccinations, but urged 60-year-old teachers to get AstraZeneca jabs. .. “Young teachers need to make that decision with their GP,” she said.

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Indoropilly State High School in Brisbane on Friday, July 30, 2021. (AAP image / Dampered)

The Indooroopilly High School cluster has now grown to 47, resulting in over 4,000 people being dictated by their home CHO quarantine.

Queensland Deputy Premier of Queen Steven Miles reminded residents of their legal obligation to stay at home if CHO directed them.

“All of us in southeastern (Queensland) need to be at home, but those who are subject to home quarantine instructions are legally required to stay at home,” Miles said. Told. “They cannot leave the house except in an emergency or when undergoing an examination.”

Miles outlines the rules for home quarantine, and people under these instructions do not seek basic medical care, avoid injuries or illnesses, avoid the risk of harm, or be tested. As long as he said he couldn’t leave the house. “Still, only under the instructions provided to them by Queensland Health,” he said.

People subject to the Home Quarantine Directive in need of supplies and assistance can contact the 1800 173 349 Community Recovery Hotline.

“All domestic quarantine provides all services to all of us and keeps us all safe. They are there because they are at risk of being exposed to the virus, and we are. Just urge everyone to follow those instructions. ”Miles

Queensland Health Minister Yvette Dat said: Ask yourself, “Should I go out?” Said a dozen. “‘Is the reason I leave home so important that it’s worth the risk of extending the blockade?'”

“We are faced with different viruses, so we need to take different actions,” she said.

The Queensland Government urged people on Monday to reconsider the need to attend work, even if they went during the previous blockade.

According to Miles, public schools in Queensland offer home study from Tuesday to weekends, and private schools have similar arrangements. “This is the first time such an outbreak has spread among students, teachers and parents in schools,” he said.

“Thousands of people can be subject to home quarantine orders,” he added.

Janet Young, Queensland’s Chief Health Officer, emphasized that residents subject to her stay-at-home order “will not leave” unless they are in an “absolutely disastrous emergency.” For all other reasons, people can ring the 13 COVID for support.