Australian Olympic Committee adds indigenous voices to the committee

(LR) Adam Basil, Patrick Johnson and Joshua Roberts of Australia at the 2004 Athens Summer Olympics held in Athens, Greece on August 27, 2004. (Andy Lyons / Getty Images)

The Australian Olympic Committee has rewritten its constitution to ensure that the Athletes Committee has at least one permanent indigenous voice.

AOC President John Coates has seen significant momentum in reconciliation since the Constitution was amended in 2015 to recognize the heritage, culture and history of Australia’s first people and to actually support indigenous reconciliation through sports. It says that it has increased.

“Congratulations to the Athlete Commission and its Chair, Steve Hooker, for this initiative. They have worked with the Indigenous Advisory Board, led by Patrick Johnson, to ensure that we continue to make real progress. It was. “

Coates added that the Australian Olympic team will carry an ASICS kit featuring the design of indigenous Olympic boxer Paul Fleming in Tokyo.

Johnson said the cooperation between the IAC and the AOC Athletes Commission had a positive impact on both groups.

“Olympic athlete, proud man of Khanju and chair of IAC, I believe in timing very much. He is chair of the athletes’ committee for his willingness to achieve this recognition. Thanks to Steve Hooker. “

Hooker said the constitutional amendment would create a lasting legacy for the advancement of indigenous peoples through sports.

“Olympic athletes and our Olympic sports have great opportunities to make a meaningful contribution to the reconciliation,” he said.