Australian Open chief denies reports that Djokovic will sue Tennis Australia

Melbourne — Australian Open chief Craig Tiley said he doesn’t think Novak Djokovic will sue Tennis Australia after his deportation and hopes to see the world’s best play again at next year’s Grand Slam event. Told.

Djokovic, who won the Australian Open nine times, including the last three years, was denied the opportunity to defend his title after a federal court dismissed his appeal to stay in the country and compete in tournaments.

Later, reports of Djokovic planning to sue Australian tennis surfaced, but Tylie denied that was the case in an interview with broadcaster ABC on Sunday.

“No,” said Tylie, a major tournament director, when asked about the threat of legal action.

“There are many reports on many things, but we are now in a position to focus on providing events and will continue to provide great events.”

Djokovic said traveling to Australia could be banned for three years as a result of deportation, but Tylie thought the 20-time Grand Slam winner would be in Melbourne Park next year.

“Obviously he has to play this year, but that’s his intention,” he added. “After all, he is the number one player in the world and loves the Australian Open.”

Tylie accused the federal government of misunderstandings about the issue that resulted in Djokovic being expelled from Australia.

“It was an incredibly challenging environment,” he said.

“One-bit or two-bit communication does not define the total amount of communication that continues until an event is reached.

“We knew that a difficult time would come, so there was a lot of contradiction and complexity in the information.”

Victoria’s Prime Minister Dan Andrews said his message to Djokovic was clear.

“You want to come here. Get the vaccine. It’s very easy,” Andrews said on Sunday.

“Rafa (Nadal) was right. If he had just been vaccinated, it might have all been avoided, and his companions might think he was bigger than the tournament. He isn’t. So the tournament is going on without him, and it’s a huge success. “

Tylie also downplayed the case involving Nick Kyrgios of Australia. Nick Kyrgios claimed that the coaches and trainers of the world’s number one doubles spare Nicola Mectic and Mate Pavić threatened to fight after the match on Friday.

Kyrgios and his compatriot Tanashiko Kinakis confused Mectic and Pavić with a straight set, and Kyrgios said on Saturday that malicious intent from the match had spread to player Jim.

“I talked to Nick and the team, which is not uncommon. It’s not uncommon … Nick and Tanashi went ahead,” Tylie told Channel 9.

Further pressure on the incident, Tylie said:

“It’s not unusual, it’s passion, but it’s true that there are rules and conditions about how to react at the end of the match.”

Sdipto Gangley