Australian Parliamentarians warn with “forced” “free incentives” and vaccine passports


The basic freedoms and qualifications that Australians enjoy as citizenship rights are at risk of being deprived by government authorities and can only be restored by those vaccinated against the CCP virus.

This is a warning from Senator Eric Abets of the Liberal National Party (LNP), saying that this “dangerous” consequence could occur if there are potential plans to encourage vaccination by the Australian government and businesses. rice field.

He said that what Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison considered a “free incentive” and a “vaccine passport” could be a potential plan to force employers to divulge information about their health status. Coupled with this, we are concerned about setting a dangerous precedent. Create a second-class citizen from those who were hesitant to get vaccinated.

Morrison’s “free incentive” idea is to offer discounts and rewards to vaccinated people. This requires a partnership with the corporate sector.

Incentives, along with so-called “vaccine passports” to prove vaccination status, fall into Phase B of the Australian Roadmap from the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 is a disease caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus.

Scott Morrison
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison at a press conference in Paris, France, on June 15, 2021. (Pascal Rossignol / Reuters)

When 80% of Australians were vaccinated, the Prime Minister said they would be able to travel again. Also, because the majority of Australia is vaccinated, the state government needs to impose a “costly blockade” unless there is a potential situation where there are “very vulnerable” indigenous peoples with low vaccination rates. He said there wasn’t. To protect them. “

“The delta variants are so different that we need to get them now,” he said. 3AW radio August 3 mentions blockade measures. So far, all Australian state and territorial prime ministers have agreed in the national cabinet on a “quick and difficult” blockade approach to quell the outbreak.

This was the opposite of a previous agreement between federal leaders when the blockade was supposed to be a last resort. “The reason the blockade has changed the reaction from all states is because the evidence that came from this new Delta variant has changed,” Morrison said.

“You can’t treat this virus as if it were static,” he added.

Epoch Times Photo
Senator Malcolm Roberts, Senator of the Houses of Parliament in Canberra, Australia, July 4, 2019. (TraceyNearmy / Getty Images)

However, in the case of Senator Malcolm Roberts, Senator Wannation, the government’s COVID-19 roadmap has no actual details. “The real message, the true means of planning, is to use coercion to vaccinate the public,” he said. video Posted on Facebook on August 4th.

“Our freedom of movement, our freedom, is directly linked to vaccination. The Prime Minister is leading a two-tiered society, vaccinated and unvaccinated.” Warned Queensland Senator.

The incentive to get the COVID-19 vaccine is nothing new in Australia, and some of Australia’s largest companies are rewarding people who have already been jabbed.

Qantas, one of Australia’s national and international airlines, is one of many organizations in the corporate sector and already offers what is called “vaccinated rewards”. Qantas offers “mega prizes” such as unlimited travel and flight vouchers for one year, according to a federal health agency leaflet (pdf).

HAG Imports provided $ 100 Meyer Voucher to fully vaccinated staff. Melbourne’s Classic Cinema and Lido Cinema offer free popcorn and ice cream to vaccinated customers. In addition, airline Virgin Australia has launched a contest for fully vaccinated people to earn 1 million Velocity Frequent Flyer points.

Epoch Times Photo
Senator Eric Abets during Senate Question Time in Canberra, Australia, July 7, 2014. (Stephan Postles / Getty Images)

However, Abets suggested that the incentive for such vaccination, which was megaphoned nationwide by both governments and businesses, might correspond to coercion.

A media release by Senator Tasmania stated that the deployment of COVID-19 vaccination should be done as quickly as possible by the government, but argued that it should be done under the legal requirements of informed consent. Did. To be legally valid, it is voluntarily given in the absence of excessive pressure, coercion, or manipulation. “

The issue is also a matter of loyalty to the critical vote of fellow LNP MP George Kristensen, who shows that he will not confront the party boundaries if the issue is legislated. ..

“As recently as yesterday’s party room meeting, companies should not impose a breach of people’s medical privacy by asking staff and customers to confirm vaccinations,” Kristensen said on August 4. “. report..

Epoch Times Photo
George Christensen will speak at the Houses of Parliament in Canberra, Australia on December 7, 2017. (Michael Masters / Getty Images)

“We should not force discrimination against Australian citizens who choose not to receive certain treatments, that is, we should not allow them to refuse employment or services because someone has not been vaccinated.

“This is a matter of principle for me, and if there is a valid law that must be issued before, I do not support it,” he said.

In June, at least 73% of Australians said they would be vaccinated when the CCP virus vaccine became available and recommended.Australian Bureau of Statistics report.. It increased from 68% in May.

However, vaccine hesitation is cited as an obstacle to the government’s COVID-19 immunization deployment. However, Marg Gilbert, president of the Queensland Association of Nurse Experts, said: Australian person“At this time, it is an experimental treatment. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has not officially announced approval because it is considered an emergency measure to deal with the pandemic.”

In addition, the Australian Drug Regulator, Therapeutic Goods Department, said on its website that more clinical data is needed “to confirm the safety of the vaccine.”

Meanwhile, Abets, who is concerned that the government is infringing his rights, said: A dull tool for forcing people to vaccinate by keeping them out of society. “

Cadden Pearson