Australian police expect the “convoy to Canberra” to peak while Congress prepares to sit down

Police in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) predict that the size of the “convoy to Canberra” crowd will peak on February 8, when Congress reopens, and protesters will gather outside the Capitol. I am.

According to police, more than 3,000 demonstrators are now in the capital of Canberra in solidarity with a large “convoy to Ottawa.”

“The crowd was generally well-behaved and peaceful,” ACT Police Commander Linda Champion told Canberra reporters.

“We are devoting as much resources as we can to these protesters and their activities over the course of a week,” she added.

“We are asking the Canberra people to plan a trip to town tomorrow, and if they need to go to a place where protesters may be allowed additional travel time.”

However, ACT police have made several arrests in connection with the convoy. A man was arrested after hitting a traffic controller with a car when the traffic controller tried to stop the car. Another 44-year-old man was also arrested after police executed an investigation warrant and found a modified rifle loaded in the car.

Police said he was charged with possessing illegal firearms and faced multiple traffic violations related to the durability of his car.

This happens when the convoy demo in the Australian capital enters the second week.

Protesters have gathered across many of Canberra’s landmarks and major roads, including the National Library, the Houses of Parliament, the Australian War Memorial, and Canberra Airport. On February 7, 500 demonstrators gathered outside the Governor’s Mansion. Official residence.

Protesters removed the Australian flag outside the landmark and replaced it with the Australian red flag, the flag of a merchant ship. This was what protesters called the “People’s Flag.”

ACT Prime Minister Andrew Barr said the Canberans were kind and respected their right to protest, but the demonstrators warned that “they are making more enemies than their friends.”

“If the purpose of these protesters is to win the heart and mind, they certainly aren’t doing that,” Barr said in a comment received by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

“Because Canberra is one of the most vaccinated cities on the planet, the messages from these protesters are not really gelled with educated Canberra. [and] Those who understand the value of vaccination as a way to protect themselves, their families, friends, and in fact fellow citizens. “

Many protesters also went to the streets of the capital in opposition to vaccination obligations and other government-related COVID-19 restrictions.

The February 5 demonstration was attended by Australian leader Craig Kelly and Dawson’s federal liberty state councilor George Christensen, who said Australians wanted to regain their freedom.

“Literally, there are thousands of people here in every field. You know, they claim we are fringe residents, but look at the people here. Mom and Daddy. There are frontline workers. There are police, health workers, nurses, pilots, and others who have lost their jobs because of the mandatory these vaccines. “Christensen Said on Facebook live stream..

On February 6, Interior Minister Karen Andrews said he disagreed with many of his recent views in response to the attendance of his party friends.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate for him to attend such a rally,” she told ABC insiders. “But he is a member of parliament and can make his own decisions in that regard.”

Daniel Y. Ten


Daniel Y. Teng is based in Sydney. He focuses on national politics, including federal politics, COVID-19 response, and relations between Australia and China. Contact him at [email protected]