Australian Police, FBI, Withdraw 220 Underworld People in Global Sting Using Encrypted App

Law enforcement agencies have “hit” “industrial-scale” organized crime in a global sting operation involving 9,000 police officers in Australia, Europe, and the United States.

The key to the operation was the deliberate deployment of an encrypted messaging app into the underground world of crime that would allow police access to confidential communications between syndicates.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison told reporters, “Today, as part of a global operation, the Australian government has hit hard against organized crime. Tuesday’s EST.

“This is a turning point in the history of Australian law enforcement,” he added.

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison and AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw speak to the media in Sydney, Australia, June 8, 2021. (Mark Evans / Getty Images)

Prime Minister Morrison attended a press conference with Interior Minister Karen Andrews, FBI Legal Attaché at the US Embassy of Anthony Russo, and Australian Federal Police Secretary Reece Kershaw, detailing Operation Ironside.

Founded in 2018, the operation spanned 18 countries and arrested 224 criminals on 526 charges in Australia. Further arrests are expected.

Subsequent press conferences will be delivered by Europol and the FBI in San Diego, California hours later.

Meanwhile, Australian police seized more than 3.7 tons of drugs, 104 firearms and weapons, and about $ 45 million in cash.

The Epoch Times
Weapons seized as part of Operation Ironside (Supply)
The Epoch Times
Cannabis seized during the Operation Ironside raid (supply)

Law enforcement agencies were also able to thwart 21 systematic attempted murders. One contract was for a family of five and was raped by a machine gun while the family was going to a cafe.

More than 4,000 Australian law enforcement officers were involved, including Australian Federal Police (AFP) police officers and state and territory police.

“We claim that Ironside is one of Australia’s most dangerous criminals,” AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw told reporters. Albanian gangsters, etc.

“We claim they were smuggling illegal drugs into Australia on an industrial scale,” he added.

“Unfortunately, criminal gangs are targeting Australia. Australia is one of the most profitable countries in the world for drug sales, and this operation has been hidden for three years.”

“Crystal ball” to the underworld

The key to the operation was a secret rollout of a new platform called ANoM to law enforcement criminal syndication. ANoM was developed by the FBI and AFP provided the technical ability to decrypt communications.

It was revealed that Australian drug tycoon Hakan Ake unknowingly distributed the app to fellow criminals such as the Mexican cartel, the Asian Triad, and the outlaw motorcycle gang.

According to a statement from AFP, the app has grown systematically and gained popularity in the underworld. This is because the criminal was “confident in the legitimacy of the app.” Celebrities like Ayik have guaranteed its integrity.

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A person in the underworld captured during the Operation Ironside raid (provided)

Commissioner Kershaw acknowledged that Ike was likely to be a prominent figure and urged him to appear.

Over the years, ANoM has provided law enforcement agencies with insights into the manipulation and treatment of people in the underground world.

New South Wales Deputy Secretary Steuart Smith told reporters that the system was like “peeking through a crystal ball” into the idea of ​​organized crime.

As of Tuesday, the app was shut down. Authorities have made decisions based on the imminent court trial of the arrested person, exposing the app’s knowledge.

“Let’s be clear. If you go and reveal it in court, you’ll find that they’re talking only about drugs, violence, beating each other, and innocent people trying to be killed. “Kershaw said.

The Epoch Times
Vehicles seized during the Operation Ironside Raid (provided)

“It’s kind of like’I want 1,000 kg for this price’. It’s very brazen. We’ve never seen anything like that. Trying to hide behind a codified kind of conversation. There is nothing to do, “he added.

When the arrest took place, the criminals also hit each other.

“They actually do a lot of business behind each other, including the presidents of various groups and organizations aimed at personal property,” he said.

“There is no doubt that there will be some tension throughout the system about who will be in debt for which drugs, etc. So it’s pretty courageous that they were actually dishonest of their group. did.”

The Commissioner admits that the sting operation is just the beginning, allowing law enforcement agencies to identify only 5 percent of the encrypted communications used by Underworld numbers, about 1,600 to 1,700 in Australia and 9,000 worldwide. Clarified.

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