Australian police officer charged with shocking 95-year-old woman with stun gun


CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA (AP) — Australian police officer charged with crime Shock 95-year-old woman with stun gun She suffered serious head injuries when she approached the man with a steak knife and using a walker inside a nursing home, authorities said Wednesday.

Claire Nowland, who has dementia, is receiving palliative care at a hospital in Cooma, New South Wales. She was stunned by Officer Christian White at a nursing home last Wednesday, fell and fractured her skull.

Incidents of violence against elderly and helpless women have sparked national debate about police use of stun guns and the competence of eldercare staff in such situations. Police are authorized to use stun guns when life is in danger.

White was ordered Wednesday to appear in court on July 5 on charges of recklessly causing serious bodily harm, assault that actually caused bodily harm, and ordinary assault, according to a police statement. was taken.

If she is expected to die from a brain injury, the charges could be raised further.

White has been under an internal police investigation since the incident and has been suspended since Tuesday.