Australian police officer stopped in “sling tackle” incident at Flinders Street Station in Melbourne

An Australian deputy police sergeant from Victoria was stopped after a video appeared on social media showing a civilian being the first to be thrown to the ground by a police officer.

The video that started September 22 circulationShows a man talking to three uniformed police officers at Flinders Street Station in Melbourne. It looked like a calm conversation.

You can then see a fourth cop walking behind him, grabbing him around his torso, and then throwing him head-on to the ground (with a “sling tackle”).

When the man’s head hit the floor, he heard an audible sound. The man then got stuck.

Epoch Times Photo
Police were seen at Flinders Street Station on August 11, 2021, during a proposed anti-blockage campaign in Melbourne, Australia. The blockade in Victoria is over, but the people of Melbourne still have a few days to know when it will end. (AAP image / Daniel Pocket)

The person who filmed the case claimed he was unconscious. September 23rd.

“This poor man was calm and was talking to the police. You can see it in the video and then he’s thrown to the ground,” witnesses said.

“You can watch it in a video, and he’s thrown to the ground. You can hear his face hitting the tile. He was unconscious and blood and urine were everywhere.”

Victorian police said in a media release obtained by The Epoch Times on September 29 that the investigation was still underway.

“The deputy sergeant from a specialized support unit was subsequently suspended as a result of an early investigation,” the statement said.

Victorian police also require anyone who witnesses the incident, including the one who filmed the incident, to contact the 1800 33 3000 Crime Stopper Hotline.

Police suspension will occur after protests led by members of the Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Coalition (CFMMEU) launched a wave of protests against blockades in the southern Australian city of Melbourne last week.

Melbourne is currently on track to hold the title for the longest days in the world under the blockade of COVID-19, and since the pandemic occurred as of September 27, last year, 239 residents of the city Withstands the blockade for days. -A record of the days set by Buenos Aires.

The blockade is endorsed by Victorian Prime Minister Dana Andrews as part of the state government’s repression strategy to address the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The strategy also sees the government easily deploying the highest levels of “Stage 4” restrictions, including curfew, restrictions on travel within a 5 km radius, and closure of all non-critical retail stores. ..

In contrast, the neighboring state of New South Wales has been forced to change its policy over the past year, avoiding the use of harsh measures and introducing it only during the delta variant outbreak in Greater Sydney in July.

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