Australian police search for grave robbers after humans are stolen from Melbourne Cemetery

Australian police are seeking witnesses to appear in two separate incidents that occurred within a week of each other after a person’s remains were stolen from Melbourne’s Footscray General Cemetery.

Police were first called to the graveyard on January 28 and found that the mausoleum plaque and gypsum board had been removed and some humans remained stolen. They found that the other graveyards were not disturbed or damaged, and the first incident occurred between 7:30 pm on January 27 and 6:15 am on January 28. Estimated.

The second incident occurred on February 1, after the suspected thief removed the second casket from the mausoleum, and the partial body was stolen again.

Another grave was damaged in this incident, but the remains were not removed. Police estimate that the second grave robbery occurred between 6 pm in January. February 31:00 and 10:00 am. 1.1.

There are unfounded reports that the stolen corpse was the head, but this was not confirmed by police who wanted to protect the family from further distress.

“(They) are in a very similar situation. I won’t explain what body parts were removed just for the family, but in both cases the body parts were removed.” Deputy detective inspector Ben German told 3AW Radio on February 2nd...

The mausoleum showed signs of forced invasion, as it suffered considerable damage when the robbers invaded. Police also said that the grave robbers would have needed considerable equipment to invade the mausoleum.

“There was nothing left on the scene to identify what was used to break into the mausoleum. Yes, it was difficult to break in and some equipment would have been used,” German said. rice field. “It would have to be something substantive, not a driver, etc. It’s very safe.”

The damage caused by the grave robbers was repaired at the funeral home, and the tombs and caskets were repaired.

The family told police that nothing was worthwhile in the casket, except for some personal belongings that did not appear to be lost.

“It seems that the human body was the focus of the criminal, and that’s what we’ve been focusing on.” German told ABC News..

Police said the investigation was still in its infancy and called on witnesses of suspicious activity around the mausoleum last week to come forward.

According to German, a complete canvas for the area has been created, but there is no CCTV footage at this stage, and anyone with information or CCTV in the area will be called upon.

He said the locations and methods of crime used in both cases indicate that they are related. However, police have not yet confirmed the connections between the victims, except that they were both old when they died.

To prevent other incidents, police strengthened patrols around the area, and trust in the council and graveyards increased their security.

The mausoleum will be open to the public at night, but the cemetery will work with police to secure the site.

“Administrators will consider ways to enhance the security of the region just to protect it in the near future, so they will work together in that regard,” German said.

Police are unaware of the motivation behind the theft, but said the penalties for the crime could be up to 15 years in prison.

Lily Kelly