Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese Expands State COVID-19 Health Financing Arrangement


Australia’s centre-left Labor government has agreed to extend the current COVID-19 health funding arrangement for the state until the end of the year. This means 50-50 funding between the state and the federal, which expires at the end of September. It remains as it is.

This means that the federal government will donate an additional $ 760 million to support the health care system in Australia’s states and territories.

This decision was announced at the first cabinet meeting of the new government, where the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister continued to provide federal health care funding due to continued pressure on their respective state and territory hospital systems. It was done after unanimously asking for commitment. ..

Talking to reporters on Friday with state and territory leaders, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese called the debate a success.

“It was done in a very good spirit, a spirit of involvement, recognizing our common interests and our common purpose of serving the people of our respective states and territories.” He said Said..

“Of course, the federal government signed a COVID funding arrangement on December 30, this year, recognizing the pressure that health and hospitals continue to be under pressure, with a focus on responding to an ongoing health pandemic.”

Not only catching up with selective surgery postponed due to a pandemic, but the shortage of nurses and other medical staff, the complete emergency department and the subsequent surge in ambulances are one of the reasons for the expansion of the national healthcare system. It is one.

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Queensland Prime Minister Anastasia Parasek spoke at a press conference in Brisbane, Australia, on December 13, 2021. (DanPeled / Getty Images)

Anastasia Paraschuk, Prime Minister of the Queensland Labor Party, said discussing health was a fresh change and it has been difficult to put this topic on the agenda so far.

“So we are absolutely united in this and welcome the additional funding today,” she said.

Meanwhile, New South Wales Liberal Prime Minister Dominique Perotet also welcomed the news that federal funding and health reforms were underway.

“This is what we have been discussing in the Capitol for some time. I was incredibly welcomed and all to hold the first meeting today, resolve this issue to some extent and extend it to December. I think it was supported by the people of the state and the prime minister. “

Mr Perotet also said he was pleased that the Prime Minister focused on working with states and territories for important health reforms.

“It’s been in a basket that’s too stiff for too long,” he said.

“The lack of integration of the GP network with primary care and public health systems is a challenge facing all jurisdictions, and there is a great opportunity for substantial reforms in that area in close cooperation with the federal government. I think there is. “

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NSW Premier Dominique Perotet spoke to the media on December 19, 2021 at a press conference outside the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney, Australia. (AAP Image / Bianca De Marchi)

Albanese said Prime Minister and Cabinet Office Secretary Glen Davis will review health funding and arrangements for health reform.

“It’s not necessarily about additional dollars,” he said, and it’s about recognizing that there are people in the hospital system who should take care of their local GP, but the GP isn’t available. ..

“The lack of nurses and medical professionals in the elderly care system means that many people who have to take care at home or as elderly caregivers also end up in the hospital system, putting further pressure on the system. It means that you are. “

Albanese said his government would work with the state, including where the state is located, to implement measures to relieve pressure from the emergency department, such as the election-promised emergency clinics.

When asked if funding to the state would continue beyond December if people were still hospitalized with COVID-19, Albanese said he could not make a decision about December in June. rice field.

“That means we are specifically responding to the situation there, the pressure on the state and territory health systems,” he said.

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