Australian Prime Minister Calls for Cold War Cooperation and Sanctions on WTO Before G7 Summit

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison will warn of the growing threat of conflict in the Indo-Pacific as he urges leaders to reinstate penalties under the World Trade Organization (WTO) to combat economic coercion. ..

The warning issued prior to his trip to the Group of Seven (G7) International Summit in the United Kingdom (UK) was reported by News Corporation Australians to be the most direct Morrison ever. The Cold War cooperation to better maintain the rules-based international order.

This is due to the significant changes in Australia’s strategic environment over the last few years, the Australian Prime Minister said in a speech at the Perth USAsia Center on June 9.

“The accelerating trend is against our interests. The region of Australia, the Indo-Pacific region, is a new center of strategic competition. There is an increased risk of miscalculations and conflicts. And Australia and us The technological advantages that our allies have historically enjoyed are being challenged, “says Morrison.

Morrison believes that the WTO is the only global institution with the authority to curb forced trade behavior and encourages the United States to rejoin the International Trade Organization. “At the G7, we will work with others to strengthen the role of the World Trade Organization and modernize its rulebook as needed,” Morrison said in a speech.

“A well-functioning WTO with clear rules mediates conflicts objectively and efficiently and imposes penalties in the event of problems, which the international community counters economic coercion. Can be one of the most powerful tools for.

“In discussions with many leaders, we received great encouragement from support showing that we are ready to withstand the recent economic coercion of Australia. The most realistic way to deal with financial coercion is international. Restoration of the binding dispute resolution system of the trading organization.

“If there are no consequences of coercive action, there is little incentive for restraint,” he said.

Morrison will reportedly warn leaders that liberal democracy risks falling asleep while driving, although competition in the region does not have to lead to conflict. Said that it did not justify coercion.

“We are facing intensifying competition in the Indo-Pacific region,” he would say. “We need all countries to participate in the global system in a way that facilitates development and cooperation.

“Australia is ready to talk on common issues with all countries, including China, when it is ready,” he said.

Morrison will meet with US President Joe Biden and Japanese and South Korean leaders while in Cornwall for the International Summit.

On his way to the summit, Morrison will stop in Singapore to hold a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to discuss regional security, trade and potential travel bubbles.

“There is an important opportunity to secure a wide range of international relations that are very important to Australia’s national security,” Morrison told Parliament on June 2.

Climate policy is likely to be on the G7 agenda, but Morrison will not make any additional commitments beyond Australia’s commitment to achieve net zero emissions as soon as possible, preferably by 2050. right. Tariffs.

He will meet with British leader Boris Johnson in London as Australia seeks to conclude a free trade agreement with Britain.

Australia requires UK negotiators to free agricultural trade in order to resolve the agreement, and also to establish UK’s global free trade qualifications after Brexit. Clarified that.

With the Royal Navy’s carrier strike group recently sailing in the Indo-Pacific, Australian officials are confident that Britain is showing real interest in the region and wants to encourage closer ties. I will.

The meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris is also expected to consider a $ 90 billion submarine project suffering from multiple cost and schedule failures.

Navy Group executives visited Australia earlier this year to promote their commitment to maximizing Australian content on attack-class submarines.

Morrison will also meet with the new Secretary of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), former Minister Matthias Colman.

AAP contributed to this report.

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