Australian Prime Minister confident in vaccines despite post-jab death time

Queensland Prime Minister Anastasia Parasek says she is completely confident in deploying the CCP virus vaccine while investigating the death of an elderly woman three hours after receiving Pfizer Jab.

An 82-year-old woman lived in a Springwood Yulana geriatric care facility in Queensland. She was vaccinated with Pfizer vaccine at 10 am on April 7, and an ambulance crew was called in at around 1:30 pm when she died.

Paraschuk said the death was a tragedy, but he is completely confident in deploying the 100,000 vaccines in the state as of Thursday.

“The benefits outweigh the negatives, and … there’s light at the end of the tunnel because we didn’t even have a vaccine option 12 months before we started falling into this pandemic,” she says. Told reporters On thursday.

She said the federal government is working on a problem with the state’s health regulator, Therapeutic Goods Agency (TGA), and wouldn’t want to comment further.

However, Parasek said he hopes to “very scrutinize” whether TGA has other conditions that contribute to the death of women, or whether they are vaccine-related.

Paul Kelly, Australia’s chief medical officer, said he had previously downplayed the causal link between the vaccine and the death of a woman, but is investigating it. He said about 1,000 people die each week in an Australian long-term care facility.

“In the elderly care setting, it is expected that older and frail people will die due to the progression of underlying illnesses and natural causes. This does not mean that the vaccine has contributed to this,” Kelly said. Said.

Death came when health officials investigated whether a rare blood coagulation disorder in a Victorian man was caused by his AstraZeneca jab. The man was vaccinated on March 22nd.

Palaszczuk also pointed out that the supply of vaccines from the federal government is too unpredictable.

Queensland Health Minister Yvette Dat said the state had only 14 days of vaccination left and the federal government had not yet confirmed new vaccinations.

Australia’s National Midwifery and Nursing Officer Allison McMillan Told to ABC Radio On April 7, the federal government announced that it would not release information on the number of Pfizer vaccines procured from Europe because it was confident and commercial.

“I’m relieved to order as much as I can, but again, the second line we have is AstraZeneca purchased from abroad, and of course it’s currently produced in Australia,” McMillan said. I am.

Queensland recorded three new cases of COVID-19, a disease caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, on Thursday. All of these were already in the hotel quarantine.

Currently, there are 68 active cases in the state.

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