Australian Prime Minister Dan Andrews claims “victory” rather than state “perfect” pandemic response


Victorian Labor Prime Minister Daniel Andrews admitted that the government had made a mistake during the state’s pandemic response, but claimed that his actions were a blessing “victory.”

“I don’t want anyone to think that the pandemic response is totally perfect, of course,” Andrews told former Labor activist and left-wing podcast host Stephen Donnelly. rice field. Social Democratic Party..

“It’s a victory when it comes to what the government can do in collaboration with the community,” Andrews said on November 26.

“If I could go back and make changes, I would do that, but there is no benefit to doing that.”

However, it was unclear what Andrews regretted, as Donnelly did not ask follow-up questions after joining Andrews.

Andrews also accused political opponents, including the Federal Minister, of disloyalty to the state when it was criticized for implementing a series of measures to withstand the world’s longest blockade.

“Some people can’t say” well done “or oppose radicalism on their own,” he said.

“The worst part about it is that there are Victorian people who claim to understand Victoria. They are leading within various governments, not necessarily loyal to their state. I have a position, “he said.

Josh Frydenberg, unnamed by the Federal Finance Minister of the State of Victoria and a member of Kuyon, has been vocally criticizing the mission of the Andrews government, and the Victorian people previously said, “( I had enough (of lockdown). ” I had to live with the virus.

In addition, federal ministers such as the liberal Democratic Party David Limbrick and independent lawmaker Catherine Cumming had previously called for the resignation of the prime minister during a “free protest” in Melbourne.

“The place to face the problem is important, but who to face is just as important as we have seen people who are very critical of getting up and sharing the stage. The other side of politics is these. We share the stage with people, “said Andrews.

Andrews also commented on the “amazing” ratings for his one million press conference during the pandemic.

The prime minister’s comment is that tens of thousands have recently appeared on the streets of CBD in Melbourne to oppose blockade rules, vaccination obligations, and more recently the controversial pandemic management bill passed on December 2. Following the protest.

Under the amended pandemic bill, the Prime Minister has the authority to declare a pandemic indefinitely and extend it for three months at a time. Police can also enter private land without a warrant to enforce public health orders and fine A $ 21,809 for individuals who violate public health rules.

Meanwhile, former Labor Minister Adem Somiurek, who returned independently to Congress to vote against the government’s pandemic bill, accused Daniel Andrews of not checking and balancing when making internal decisions.

“Then, when the parliamentary system also robs the external decision-making process and wants free power, it’s essentially a very dangerous situation,” Somiurek told the 3AW host. Neil Mitchell December 2.

Henry Jom


Henry Jom is an Australian-based reporter featuring local Australian news. He has a business and healthcare background and currently holds a graduate law degree. Contact him at [email protected].