Australian Prime Minister forgive pandemic leave payments after pressure from state leaders

Australia’s Prime Minister Anthony Albanese forgave in the face of pressure from state leaders to extend government-sponsored vacation payments to individuals in need of isolation after being infected with COVID-19. ..

The move came after the Labor Party government initially planned to revoke the system on June 30, and is now on a budget promised by the government of $ 780 million (US $ 530 million). ) Will be extended until September 30th. It is under control.

Employees who test positive for the virus and need to be quarantined are eligible for a $ 750 payment. The cost of a pandemic vacation disaster payment scheme is split between the state and quasi-state governments in a 50-50 split.

“We want to keep people from being left behind and not face the enviable choice of vulnerable people being cared for, not losing their income, and not being properly quarantined without being placed in the following situations: It ’s very difficult. ”Albanige I told reporters July 16th.

“All states, territories, and federals understand that emergency payments are exactly that. Given the financial constraints imposed on governments at all levels, they can last forever. No, but this is an appropriate step in the future. “

The doctor will support the move

Dr. Omar Corsid, President of the Australian Medical Association, welcomed the move.

“Payments should never have been removed, and I think the government is learning some new lessons when it steps under the desk, and community experts and others. How important it is to stay in touch with the people and the community, “he told reporters on July 16. He calls on the government not to listen to “bean counters and bureaucrats.”

Korshid also said the state government should uphold the obligation of the mask to slow the spread of a new variant of COVID-19, BA.4 and BA.5.

“If it is a necessary decision, it is a decision the Prime Minister should make and should be endorsed by the federal government in making it.”

Extension of vacation payments will allow federal finance minister Jim Charmers to manage the budget after the previous administration has accumulated tens of billions of debt during the heyday of pandemics to funding schemes such as JobKeeper and JobSeeker. Will put more pressure on it. Of the Labor Party while it was against.

In addition, Chalmers will expand the fuel sales tax (22 cents per liter) cuts implemented to mitigate the cost of living pressure, such as inflation, interest rates, electricity prices and rising gasoline, in the coming months. You may face pressure within. price.

Daniel Y. Ten


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