Australian Prime Minister has been criticized for supporting abortion law when he saw a living baby die

Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been criticized for being “proud” that Australia is “globally recognized” in current sexual and reproductive health laws.

George Christensen, a former Speaker of the Australian House of Representatives, released a letter on Saturday that Morrison sent to him regarding Christensen’s proposal in March 2021. Human rights (protection of children born alive) bill..

At that time, South Australia was the last state in the country to partially criminalize abortion, and if doctors believe that certain conditions, such as psychological, physical, or social factors, are met, pregnancy. Later, we legalized this procedure. You can afford more children and domestic violence.

Citing 237 cases of babies born late in pregnancy in Queensland and Victoria, Children Born Alive Protection Bill will take action to help healthcare professionals save such babies. You have tried to demand that you face serious fines and the possibility of deregistration.

In response to Christensen’s bill, Morrison wrote that he recognized the depth of concern raised, but said access to abortion services was “the responsibility of the states and territories and is subject to their respective laws.”

“This access is an important element of the federal government’s support for women in Australia for reproductive and sexual health services, with states and territories as to whether safe and legitimate abortion is available throughout Australia. We continue to cooperate. ” The letter I read.

“We are committed to protecting and promoting the sexual and reproductive health and rights of women and girls,” Morrison said, without recognizing the rights of dying babies to life-saving medicine. Added.

“We are proud that Australia is globally recognized in this area. Australia is at the heart of our foreign policy and aid programs and is advocating these issues at international forums.”

This wasn’t the first time Morrison, who admits to be a Pentecostal Christian, distanced himself from controversial issues. Morrison in the 2019 elections declaration He has a conservative view of abortion, but refused to participate in the discussions in New South Wales on the non-criminalization of abortion.

The letter caused disappointment among conservatives, and political activist Lyle Shelton, a former managing director of the Australian Christian lobby, condemned Morrison’s support for “killing the fetus,” in the position of “human beings.” Similar to the image of God. “

“This is why Christians have been silent and fought for the right to life from conception to natural causes,” he says. I wrote on Twitter on Sunday..

Following the pro-life rally in Brisbane on Saturday, about 2,000 Queenslanders gathered and prominent members such as Liberal National Party Senators Amanda Stoker and Matt Canavan, and One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts and Kristensen. The guest participated.

At the event, Stalker said many women were forced to have an abortion with a horrifying message and complained that there was no other easily accessible support option.

“We should provide care and support to those women, and they know that ending pregnancy is not their only option,” she said.

“It is a mistake that our society seems more prepared to condemn atrocities against dogs and cats than human children, even children of age who can live outside the womb.”

The opposition Australian Labor Party (ALP) did not make a big difference in abortion policy in terms of safeguards to protect fetal rights. make clear In early April, when taxpayers supported plans to make funded abortion services available nationwide, he said the health policy was “not the same as that adopted in the 2019 elections.”

however, 2021 ALP Special Platform ConferenceLabor has “promised to increase access” to contraception and termination, and has declared that the parties are “recognizing that they have their own barriers” to access these services.

“Workers work to improve the sexual and reproductive health of all Australians and have the individual’s right to make reproductive health decisions, especially the right to select and terminate appropriate contraceptives, or continue pregnancy. We support the right to do. “

The Epoch Times contacted Albanese’s office for comment, but did not receive a response in time for the announcement.

However, Pauline Hanson-led One Nation Party governs abortion restrictions, bans sex-selective abortions, provides counseling and other safeguards for women considering abortions, and abortions. We advocate lifelong policies such as banning use. It requires medical care for the baby’s organs, and for babies born alive during an abortion.

On that website“They admit the scientific fact that human life begins in the womb,” the Conservative Party said. “They were frightened when the state government passed a law to legalize abortion for some reason.” Said.

“This law is one of the most extreme in the western world,” he added.

Australia has denounced abortion in all jurisdictions, and New South Wales and South Australia legalized abortion in 2019 and 2021, respectively.

In New South Wales and South Australia, abortions can be accessed up to 22 weeks and, under certain circumstances, after 22 weeks through a professional practitioner. In Tasmania, on-demand abortions are limited to 16 weeks gestation.

In Victoria, women have access to abortion on demand for up to 24 weeks, which is the limit for abortion. Beyond 24 weeks, two practitioners must approve that the procedure is appropriate for the situation.

Nina Nguyen


Nina Nguyen is a Sydney-based reporter. She covers Australian news with a focus on social, cultural and identity issues. She is fluent in Vietnamese. Contact her at [email protected]