Australian Prime Minister Promotes COVID-19 Health Response, Economic Management at Election Pitch

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison used a speech at Canberra’s National Press Club to outline his government’s hits and mistakes during the election year.

The Prime Minister admitted that he could not “correct everything” when discussing the federal government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I take a fair share of criticism and criticism, which comes with work,” he told Canberra attendees on February 1.

“There were no guidebooks in these times we experienced. You have to make real-time decisions. When you think about it later, your perspective changes and you can learn lessons. For me. And since much of my team is with me today, it will continue to be a valuable lesson. “

He advertised Australia’s response to the strength of the pandemic and health care system.

“Our health response has allowed our health and elderly care system to face a pandemic that has collapsed in many other countries we know around the world.” He said.

Morrison said the government’s response to COVID-19 saved more than 40,000 lives in Australia.

“The government has also provided 10 million rapid antigen tests to support state and territory clinics, and at our own risk, about 8 million tests have already been provided to geriatric care facilities. I am. “

CSLAstraZeneca Vaccine Manufacturing Facility
Prime Minister Scott Morrison visited the CSL AstraZeneca Vaccine Manufacturing Facility in Melbourne, Australia on February 12, 2021. (DavidCaird-Pool / Getty Images)

When asked about providing a free rapid antigen test, Morrison replied, “I have to pay everything, so I can’t pay everything.”

“They are very difficult choices and you make them every day in a pandemic,” he said.

“Rather than say’yes’ to everyone or tell everyone what you want to hear, say something else in one part of the country and another in another part of the country. You don’t understand it from me, “he said in a veiled reference to federal opposition leader Anthony Albanese.

Morrison also said voters will look to political parties that can control the economy and keep living costs low.

“They will say,’Who do I have the economic plans and experience to keep working and make my business successful? It can put electricity prices under control and lower them. It best supports me in saving for my retirement. In doing so, my children receive skill training such as record apprenticeships and trade training that we could carry out. can do.”

As part of his speech, the Prime Minister announced a $ 800 ($ 564) cash distribution to senior care workers to help the industry retain workers. He also unveiled an A $ 1.6 billion (US $ 1.1 billion) “economic accelerator” program to support the commercialization of Australian research.

Daniel Y. Ten