Australian Prime Minister says there are no new taxes from his government

The Prime Minister has promised not to introduce new taxes as the Labor Party has promised to spend more than A $ 500 million (US $ 362.36 million) on the Veterans Affairs Bureau to fix the unprocessed portion of the support claim. Doubled the promise.

Opposition leader Anthony Albanese remains isolated from COVID-19, so both sides launched Sunday’s campaign with a large cash pledge.

Morrison’s pledge will add A $ 100 billion (US $ 72.47 million) to national debt as part of the “fall.” Tax If the coalition of freedom and state is re-elected, there will be no new income, aging, business tax or housing tax.

“Low taxes are at the heart of our economic plan for a stronger economy and a stronger future,” the Prime Minister said.

The coalition is stepping up its horror campaign by proposing that workers introduce new taxes, even though opponents have already ruled it out.

The workforce has emerged by taking stronger actions to curb multinational corporations. Tax Details of the avoidance and their plans will be announced shortly.

Treasury Minister Jim Charmers said the latest announcement from the liberals violated Australia’s previous commitments.

“The Prime Minister … looks like Australia is away from the deal we wanted to participate in. 130 countries around the world are aware that we need a fairer way. Tax Multinationals are paying a fair share in profitable countries, “he told ABC insiders on Sunday.

Morrison says his new Tax Guarantees mean that Australians will bring A $ 100 billion in profits, but it is questionable whether this figure already represents a legislative reduction.

Albanese, meanwhile, has called the crisis of the veterans issue a “national disgrace,” and opponents say they have reached 60,000 unresolved aid claims.

“For many of our veterans, the war doesn’t end when they leave the battlefield. We have to step up for them, just as they stepped up for us. “Albanese said.

The announcement of more than $ 500 million (US $ 362.36 million) workers for the Veterans on the eve of Anzac Day reduces waiting times, builds new support hubs, and increases veterans’ housing ownership. , To strengthen pension and employment programs.

On Friday, the Prime Minister announced that the re-elected coalition government would set up 14 new veteran welfare centers to provide access to health and welfare support at a cost of A $ 70 million (US $ 50.73 million).

Morrison heads to Darwin on the second half of Sunday to worship the dawn of Anzac on Monday. Labor Deputy Richard Mars will be present on behalf of Albanese.

Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce seems to go back to previous comments comparing the Solomon Islands’ security agreement with China to the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Joyce said he believed in the Solomon Islands government’s guarantee that China’s naval base would not be established in the country.

“I hope China doesn’t gain the ability to set up a naval base because it’s clearly a horrifying tactic for Australia,” he told ABC insiders.

Prior to the transition of the campaign to the Northern Territory, Labor promised to train an additional 500 indigenous health workers and invest in life-saving dialysis and treatment of rheumatic heart disease.

The party offers up to 30 new dialysis units to treat chronic kidney disease and provides federal funding to fight rheumatic heart disease for $ 12 million ($ 8.7 million) for prevention, screening, and treatment. He said he would work closely with indigenous medical services to double.

We will also invest $ 15 million (US $ 10.87 billion) to improve water supply in remote communities to enable new dialysis units in remote communities for the first time.



Australian Associated Press is an Australian news agency.