Australian Prime Minister Supports Extended WHO Authority

Prime Minister (PM) Scott Morrison has supported the World Health Organization (WHO) to give greater authority to assist countries in managing pandemics.

However, minor parties have expressed concern that this could jeopardize Australia’s health sovereignty.

This will come later World Health AssemblyConsisting of 194 member countries, in December 2021 established a global process for drafting and negotiating a World Health Organization constitutional treaty or treaty to strengthen the prevention, preparation and response of pandemics. Agreed to do.

Included in the possibilities Framework The purpose of the Convention is to “consolidate the international efforts necessary to prevent, promptly detect and effectively respond to the outbreak of potential pandemic diseases” and “to direct and direct international health activities. As a coordinating body, we support global coordinating through a stronger WHO. ” Including preparation and response to a pandemic. “

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison speaks to the media at a press conference in Brisbane, Australia, on May 16, 2022. (AsankaRatnayake / Getty Images)

At a press conference, the Prime Minister was asked about the next World Health Assembly, which will be held from May 22nd to 28th. There, WHO member states discuss the proposed treaty and whether he supports it.

“I have always been supportive and badly criticized from the beginning. In fact, the Labor Party is badly ridiculed, saying that WHO should have these powers and authorities to deal with the pandemic situation. We did, because everyone knows what happened at the beginning of this pandemic, “Morison said.

In April 2020, the Morrison government reported that in 2020 the Chinese authorities were aware of the outbreak a few weeks before the official declaration of December 31, 2019, after the first COVID-19 outbreak in China. Requested an independent investigation into the handling of. ..Early report on Outbreak of virus It appeared in Wuhan in November 2019, and a series of incidents were reported by the state media.

“And I wanted to have an independent process to understand what happened so that it wouldn’t be repeated,” Morrison said.

“So I am working internationally to strengthen protection for global health, to help global health authorities come and understand what is happening, and help countries prevent the epidemic. Is a pioneer in the outbreak of major infectious diseases. “

However, both One Nation and United Australia Party members risk signing such a treaty instructing Australia when and how WHO will respond to global or regional health threats. It states.

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Pauline Hanson, MP of Parliament in the Senate Room of the Capitol in Canberra, Australia, December 2, 2019. (AAPImage / Mick Tsikas)

Pauline Hanson, Senator One Nation Said On Wednesday, under guidelines set by WHO and supported by PM, WHO will implement measures such as blockades, strict borders around quarantine zones, vaccine passports, forced removal and quarantine, and forced measures. We have the authority to put pressure on each country to do so. Vaccination.

“What’s worse, the World Health Organization can declare a pandemic without justifying or disclosing the reason. It’s not attractive, transparent, or impartial,” she said.

Meanwhile, Clive Palmer, the founder of the U.S. Australian Party (UAP) and a candidate for Senate, Said It is well known that China is a major contributor to WHO and has a strong influence on the organization.

“WHO has been properly criticized for pro-China prejudice in the past,” he said.

“It is a concern for all Australians who value freedom and democracy that our health policy could be under the influence of communist China.”

Clive Palmer
Australian Party founder Clive Palmer speaks to the media at a press conference in Townsville on April 18, 2019. (AAPImage / Michael Chambers)

Morrison, despite supporting WHO’s expanded authority, emphasized that the details of the treaty’s content must be carefully viewed before agreeing to the treaty.

Meanwhile, Labor leader Anthony Albanese refused to declare whether to sign the treaty, instead saying that “WHO and how it operates need to be clearly strengthened.”

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