Australian private school under attack to support Christian values

One of Queensland’s largest independent schools is under pressure to confront Christian beliefs about gender and sexuality.

On Friday, Citipointe Christian College in Carindale sent a request to parents to sign a new contract that they must share the college’s commitment to nurture doctrine to enroll their children.

Otherwise, it would “constitute a significant deviation from the religious lessons” on which the university is based and “exclude students who no longer follow the university’s doctrinal doctrine, including those related to biological gender. You will give the right to the school. “

“Each student is evaluated individually and is equally encouraged to pursue opportunities in both academic and collaborative curriculum activities, but when I / we distinguish between men and women (eg, including uniforms). (But not limited to), presentations, terminology, use of facilities and amenities, participation in sporting events and accommodations) Such distinctions apply based on the biological gender of the individual. ” increase.

In addition, in the “Declaration of Faith” section attached to the contract, the school has “all forms of sexual immorality” such as adultery, fornication, homosexuality, bisexuality, bestiality, incest, childhood, and pornography. “It offends sinful gods and destroys relationships and society.”

“We believe that the family founded and created by God is a fundamental component of society … the family is God among biological men (husbands) and biological women (wives). It begins with the contract system established by and the Holy Land of Marriage and is mutually and exclusively tied for life. “

“We believe that God created humans as men or women … These two clear and complementary genders (biological genders) together reflect God’s image and nature. . “

“We believe that God intends sexual intimacy to occur only between men and women who are married to each other.”

The reaction to this move is mixed with those who support organizing LGBTQIA +. Online petition Ask the university to cancel the contract.

As of 11:00 am on Tuesday, 93,696 people signed the petition, and organizers accused the school of “using their religious beliefs to openly discriminate against queer and transgender students.” doing.

“Sign the petition to show Citipointe that we do not support such explicit transphobia and homosexual aversion,” wrote Bethany Lau, a former student and petition author.

Lau said in a statement on the petition’s site that the organizers are working closely with the media “to make this issue unforgettable.”

“We are in the process of reaching out to politicians to start working with them,” Lau said. “All subsequent updates will be posted on his official Facebook page,” Educate Don’t Discriminate. “

On the other hand, supporters, including parents and conservative groups, Supported the school decisionSome on Facebook call it “a great move to protect all children,” while others say they should be sent to a Christian school that “represents what the Word of God says.” I’m saying.

of Statement to The Epoch Times, Principal Brian Marheran said the school does not “determine the student’s sexual orientation or gender identity.” But instead, it is informed about “maintaining our Christian spirit” and “whether they can support and accept our approach to Christian education” to parents and students. We aim to give you the right to make choices.

“We always hold on to these Christian beliefs and have endeavored to remain fair and transparent to everyone in our community by clarifying them in our registration agreement.” Said Mulheran.

“We believe that each one is created in the image of God and has the same dignity and value as everyone else. We believe that those choices, regardless of lifestyle or choice. We clearly love and respect all people, even if they differ from our beliefs and practices. “

Controversy has surfaced in the debate that if the religious discrimination bill is passed, faith-based schools may be able to hire teachers and select students based on the school’s religious beliefs. There is.

Nina Nguyen


Nina Nguyen is a Sydney-based Vietnamese reporter with a focus on Australian news. Contact her at [email protected]